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09/02/2004 at 20:03

A thread for us 'slower' (but none less worthy) running people to meet.
09/02/2004 at 20:04
im in
09/02/2004 at 20:08
How slow do you have to be ? I can pull out a reasonably fast 5km (for a beginner) but am slow over long distances.

What if I get faster, will you stop speaking to me ?
09/02/2004 at 20:09
dont be daft

i just fell inadequate when 11 min miles is thought of as crap
09/02/2004 at 20:09
great - that's 2 of us ;)

anyone else?

this is the place to meet if you are going at it slowly and want to come and chat about progress (or anything else, really)

currently I've been on and off running for various reasons over the last 3-4 years, but have only started again 'for real' since last Christmas.

I'm managing to increase my distance, but even when I'm 'running' struggling to beat 13 min mileing (don't ask me about 'splits' and complicated stuff - don't know how to do that - just average speed and distance out)

- having said that, I'm still pleased about progress as I truly couldn't run 30 seconds when I started.

That's enough about me.

What's everyone else doing & how is it going?
09/02/2004 at 20:10
Hi hooves!
09/02/2004 at 20:10
three months ago managed to stop run walking
now i can run slowly for an hour
once i did 2 hours

Its slow
but i hope im improving
09/02/2004 at 20:12
pub time
09/02/2004 at 20:13
that's brill ph! I've only started to wean off r/w.

My longest continous run so far is 45 mins.

I still use r/w in the week and TRY and work on pace then. At the weekend I try and extend my 'long' run to increase distance.
09/02/2004 at 20:13
thats what i did


think about base training
09/02/2004 at 20:14
I average 10.5 to 11 minute miles

endurance is improving, but speed doesn't change

09/02/2004 at 20:17
ph <blush> what's base training?
09/02/2004 at 20:32
if it was me supposed to think 11 min miling was carp then I feel misunderstood
(remember you finished Windsor quicker than I did Hipps)
09/02/2004 at 22:05
Trinity base training is all about keeping your HR low whilst increasing your speed, daily runs etc. You will find out about it on the training thread under base training. Enjoy the long read. Read the first few pages to get the general idea ;-))

09/02/2004 at 22:07

sadly don't posses a HRM, though & am to lazy to contemplate any manual-type method.
09/02/2004 at 22:11
the base trainers would hate this
BUT you can do it by feel

running a easy pace

I mean that nice feeling you have ownhill when you arent really trying

so you have to run REAL slow on the flat for the same
09/02/2004 at 22:31
sad tho
this thread wont last

2 reasons
1.its about running
2. its about SLOW running


prove me wrong!
09/02/2004 at 23:28
Evening all

I'm in. Although i'm slow, by others standards, i do my best and thats all i can do.

Don't have a HR moniter and don't know anything about base training. Still R/W - think my longest continuous run has been 30 minutes or so. however, the fact that i am able to prove my old gym teachers wrong everytime i get out of the house makes me smile:o)

Happy running
09/02/2004 at 23:30
thats exactly it!
10/02/2004 at 07:35
hi again

thanks for the tip , ph I think that is the kind of thing I am doing on my 'long' w/e runs.

have dropped heavy hints to hubby that HRM could be an alternative valentine's pressie - doubt he'll take the bait, though!

here's a q for you run/walkers:

have been doing the R4L 5K trainer - up to 11 mins run/repeat on weekdays. At mo trainer suggsts doing it 3 times - but was wondering now I am fitting a longer continuous run at the w/e (45 mins) whether I could up this to 4.

anyone done something similar? (don't want to over push - but it seems to me that at 8 mins you were told to do 4 times - so would have thought it was a possiblity?)
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