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11/01/2010 at 11:36

Just wondering what others have on their running playlists. I'm always looking for new tunes to run/cycle to. Heres my first 10 in my running playlist. 

1- Watch the sun come up - Example

2- Sweet Disposition - The temper trap

3- F.E.A.R - Ian Brown

4- Shell Shock - New Order

5- My Hero - Foo Fighters

6- Puff Daddy - Come with me - Godzilla sound track

7- Doesn't mean a thing - Alicia Keys

8- Wait till you see my smile - Alicia Keys

9- Many Rivers to cross - UB40

10- Breath slow - Alesha Dixon

11/01/2010 at 11:53

A random 10 of sorts

1. Lots of girls aloud stuff

2. AC/DC lots of it

3. Rage against the machine - bomb track

4. The Decemberists - The Infanta

5. The Proclaimers - 500 miles

6. The Rocky theme of course

7. Pretty much all of the Top Gun soundtrack

8. EMF - Unbelieveable

9. Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench

10. The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Pop

11/01/2010 at 12:07

1.  F***k Me Who'd Have Thought It?
2.  It's All Been Done Before!
3.  OMG! Here Comes Another One.
4.  How Many More Times?
5.  Gonna Gnaw My Own Leg Off!

All by Sincerely Yours...

11/01/2010 at 12:21
 Great playlist.......Nothing positive or helpful to add?Then  I respectfully  ask you  stay off this thread. Have fun chewing your leg off mate!  
11/01/2010 at 13:03

No sense of humour?  With respect, I'll post where I like, thanks mate

11/01/2010 at 13:22

In no particular Order:-

Andrew W K: I get wet (full album)
Meatloaf: Bat out of hell, Everything louder than everything else, Good girls go to heaven (but bad girls go everywhere)
Guns N Roses: Civil War, Breakdown, you could be mine
Ron Goodwin: 633 sqn main theme
The Trap: main theme (also the london marathon theme. but i liked the piece before i knew the running link)
Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit
Stan Bush: You got the touch, Dare (yes both from the old Transformers: The Movie)
Symposium: Fairweather friend
The Lightning Seeds: Marvellous
Manic Street Preachers: Australia
and for pure cheese value; Eye of the Tiger

11/01/2010 at 13:25

LOL Moosey!

I was going to say:

1.  Birdsong: blackbirds, thrushes and robins

2.  Wind in the trees: the north wind, or one of the others.

3.  The greetings of other human beings:  runners/dog walkers/horseriders

11/01/2010 at 13:48

Should have pointed out, i only wear my ipod when running to/from work. I do the same route every day and having the noise on helps kill the time a bit.

Weekend runs are ipod free!

11/01/2010 at 13:57
Rocky theme- Eye Of The Tiger added to playlist lol. Thanks guys.
12/01/2010 at 08:04
I just have my playlist on shuffle although i do try and avoid the Westlife on there when I am running. Not up beat enough.
12/01/2010 at 17:26
Chocolate Moose wrote (see)

No sense of humour?  With respect, I'll post where I like, thanks mate

Quite right, too - well said!
12/01/2010 at 20:11

pretty much anything off the first two arctic monkey's albums.  Humbug is brilliant but a bit too slow to run to.

15/01/2010 at 09:28
Lots of pridigy stuff on my mp3 - esp. Breathe (!). Also, to bring a smile to my face, Bad Manners
15/01/2010 at 09:50
I put mine on shuffle, but found that songs like Lust For Life - Iggy Pop, Ooh La La - Goldfrapp made me run too fast so got puffed out too quickly, I am much more of a Son of a preacher man, by Dusty Springfield kind of runner (plodder)... anyone for Westlife?

15/01/2010 at 10:01
Black And Tabby wrote (see)
Lots of pridigy stuff on my mp3 - esp. Breathe (!). Also, to bring a smile to my face, Bad Manners

Ooops - of course I meant Prodigy - not pridigy !
19/01/2010 at 14:04

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars / Crack The Shutters / Just Say Yes / You'Re All I Have

Pink - Sober / Rock Star

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life / Going Under

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling / Boom Boom Pow / Pump It / Shut Up

 and Jason Mraz - I Am Yours (for these grey days.. )

(that's not exactly 10.. but..  )

19/01/2010 at 14:26
OOh I can see how Black Eyed Peas would be good - might have to download them ...

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