30th May London Social!

6pm onwards at St James' Tavern

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03/05/2003 at 13:24
Be there or be square!

And I'd like to see some of you boys from RW there too!
03/05/2003 at 13:29
Hi Caz, how are you feeling today? You looked pretty good when I left. I had to leave really unfortunately, but caught my last train.

Nice to see you and the others again
03/05/2003 at 13:31
Hi ya, what time did you leave 6.30????

I felt so hungover this morning really sick and a sore head!

Nice to see you again too, but I didn't manage to talk to you, bum.
03/05/2003 at 13:33
I think it was about 10.20? It seemed really early anyway.

I didn't feel too bad this morning, haven't done any exercise yet though.
03/05/2003 at 13:34
Blimey no exercise for me today, just rest!

I'll go for a trot tomorrow.

Blimey race on Wednesday night, YIKES!
03/05/2003 at 13:36
Yeah you take it easy today. Plenty of water and sofa activity, that's what I would recommend!
03/05/2003 at 13:36
oops by sofa activity, I meant sort of 'vegging out' as opposed to any other sort of activity
03/05/2003 at 13:37
I think I will Smitch!

Oh just remembered I proposed to Richard last night and he said yes! Now that is a legally binding contract in my view!
03/05/2003 at 13:38
Damn just noticed the state of my house, I must do some serious housework and clearing up today. Then a rest!
03/05/2003 at 13:38
Certainly. A sportsman's word is as good as his handshake, as my father would say. Well congratulations. Will you be having a big 'do'?
03/05/2003 at 13:39
I think so, he's rich enough! :)

You're all invited!

Btw, has anyone seen my fiance today? I've managed to lose him.
03/05/2003 at 13:40
I think he's gone to the West Country, round Stonehenge or somewhere. Maybe he is going for some pagan ritual.
03/05/2003 at 13:41
Or maybe Nicola won't untie him!

Give him back!
03/05/2003 at 13:42
Morning! I was sorry to leave so early last night, but I'll put 30th May in my diary now....

Nice to meet some of you!
03/05/2003 at 13:42
oooh fight, fight!!!
03/05/2003 at 13:43
Hello ScamperMouse, I don't think I spoke to you last night, so sorry about that. Might see you at the next one, or at Richard M and Caz's wedding?
03/05/2003 at 13:45
Count me in, Caz.
03/05/2003 at 13:47
Cool! I'll start a new list!!

Smitch, you coming?
03/05/2003 at 13:48
Oh yes so you are! (Read the posts Caz!)
03/05/2003 at 13:48
ooh yes please Caz
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