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22/12/2005 at 12:43
As I was running along the mountain skyline yesterday - in the predawn - looking east towards the Pennines, I saw the red streaked rain clouds heralding the rising sun

I kept looking east and eventually as I got onto higher ground the top of the golden orb of the sun came into view

I paused, to watch this, the most significant time of year for me ...and offered up my first ever prayer to the sun -of thanks for having survived some truly difficult life changes, involving deep challenges and a personal transformational journey.

Feeling truly connected with nature - and really warm inside, I slowly continued my mountain jog

20 minutes later - under the ever lightening sky, I noticed that the golden orb of the sun hadn't moved,and, managing to pick out some landmarks,

- realised that my first ever prayer had been delivered to Stanlow Oil Refinery

iron fraggle    pirate
22/12/2005 at 12:44
LOL nice one SS!!!
22/12/2005 at 12:47
LOL bet you were glad noone else with within earshot!
22/12/2005 at 12:48
as someone who lives within 2 miles of Stanlow, sometimes it's possible to read a book by all the light it gives off at night !
22/12/2005 at 12:55
i couldnt beleive that place when i was at connahs quey industrial estate fixing a machine last week,looks like a huge city at night with flames comming from it......weired...
22/12/2005 at 12:56
22/12/2005 at 13:45
LOL SS - guess it's the thought that counts!
cougie    pirate
22/12/2005 at 14:38
Tee hee hee ! truly Stanlow is a magical place.

I think some of its powers rub off on the shopping complex nearby, given the number of worshippers that head there at any opportunity.
22/12/2005 at 14:39
Slainte, that sounds like hell itself.

(not that I have been there)
22/12/2005 at 14:41
and have you noticed that the Cheshire Constabulary have had mobile licence plate detector vans outside the temple of shopping every weekend this month ?
22/12/2005 at 14:45
Red sky at night - refinery's alight.

[clutches sides]
22/12/2005 at 14:58
Nice of you to think so highly of them as lives near it Jj !
22/12/2005 at 15:03
[adds finishing touches to gift-wrapping on DtS's christmas present of A Sense of Humour]
22/12/2005 at 15:04
D'ya think that's what they were chanting in Hemel Hempstead
22/12/2005 at 15:05
Fanks Jj !!!
22/12/2005 at 15:06
It's the first thing my 82-year-old stepfather - who was in hospital less than a mile away from it - said when the nurses told him what had happened as they made preparations for an emergency evacuation.
22/12/2005 at 15:48
Jj - sounds like my father-in-laws sense of humour :-)
22/12/2005 at 15:50
The fire in Hemel reminded me of the steel works at Port Talbot when it was still functioning!

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