Accidents - What have you broken and how?

Most serious? Most funny?

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31/01/2008 at 11:50

One morning after coming down stairs I stubbed my toe on an excercise bike my ex wife had stored in my hallway, whilst moving. Turned out I'd broke my little toe and teh one next to it. Half my foot turned black That'll teach me to wear slippers in the house.

Had 6 weeks before the Stockport 10 Miler and ended up with about 4 weeks to train for it!

31/01/2008 at 12:34

I'm still laughing at the Squirrel one at the start of this thread

I once impaled myself in the knee with a fishing hook.  Because it was barbed I had to thread it through the flesh to get it out.  Very hurty. 

31/01/2008 at 12:54
  • Dislocated shoulder - fall coming off Scafell Pike in a fell race
  • Broken ribs - ditto on Skiddaw
  • Cracked ribs - kicked by a sheep (yes it was one of mine)
  • Slipped on ice and fell into water trough knocking myself out and almost drowning (rescued by youngest daughter)
  • Stitches in right hand after getting bitten by one of my own dogs (it was after the rat that was already hanging off my hand)
  • Occupital haemmorage (thats a bleed on the brain) after falling down a disused mine shaft whilst out training.
31/01/2008 at 12:56

I have broke a fair few bones

Most of these from when I used to race Moto-x bikes.

collarbone, ribs, left wrist twice (once complete carpal dislocation which required wiring) I have permanent pins in my left index finger also I have broke  left hand, left thumb, right wrist twice. I always had a habit of putting my hands out in front of me when getting chucked off the bike which gave me a lot of wrist/hand injuries.

if you brake both your wrists at the same time I gaurentee you will be amazed how much you take things like the ability to wipe your own ass fro granted.

Most serious accident was a ruptured spleen - Moto-x agian - badly mistimed a double jump and hit the face of the second jump -  its a really unpleasant thing to have  - at one point I thought i was going to have all of my birthdays at once.

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201 to 204 of 204 messages
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