Amusing shop names...

...what's near you?

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18/02/2012 at 16:29
I drove past a real ale shop earlier called The Bitter End

I know of a sandwich shop in Worthing called Big Baps and there is a fish and chip shop near one of my friends call Codrophenia.

So, what silly shop names are on your high street?
18/02/2012 at 16:31
My knitting supplies shop is called Wool for Ewe
18/02/2012 at 16:52
If I ever do anything about opening up my own running shop I have a burning desire to call it 'Jog on'.
18/02/2012 at 16:53
18/02/2012 at 17:05
Liverpool One shopping centre is home to the official Everton store,  Everton Two.
18/02/2012 at 18:37
The funeral directors always makes me laugh. R S Cape.
18/02/2012 at 19:17
There's a smoothie bar near where I work called No Great Shakes.  The drinks are sub-standard.
18/02/2012 at 19:25
I've always thought The Battered Codpiece would be a good name for a chippy
18/02/2012 at 19:30
The Cod Almighty resides on Southmead Road, Bristol
18/02/2012 at 19:42

I regularly run past a chinese takeaway called 'Big Wang'

And a law firm named 'Wright Hassle Solicitors'.  Aren't they all?

18/02/2012 at 19:44
A place I used to work at used solicitors called Swindell & Pearson
18/02/2012 at 19:45

The chippy in Kingsbridge is called the Codfather.

18/02/2012 at 19:56

There are or used to be solicitors in London called Titmuss Sainer which a company I worked for dealt with.  We used to call them Titmuss Anus.

EDIT: Just Googled them and they still exist but with another name on the end.

Edited: 18/02/2012 at 19:57
Tommygun2    pirate
18/02/2012 at 20:02
This is me and Kanga going into a Knocking Shop

18/02/2012 at 20:23
Our local sex shop is called The Huge Cock.
18/02/2012 at 20:28
I don't believe you Beebs
18/02/2012 at 20:32

18/02/2012 at 20:33

18/02/2012 at 20:34

18/02/2012 at 20:36

My particular favourite.
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