Anyone adopted or have grown up without one of your parents?

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17/06/2012 at 17:45
I have very little to do with my dad, I don't hate him, he just abdicated any responsibility years ago. In fact I haven't given him a thought all day till I read your post.
He gives the kids a few quid or buys them a pint if he sees them round town but thats it.
do you find fathers day difficult?
17/06/2012 at 17:48

My partner's father died before my partner was born. His mother was about a month pregnant with him.

I had both my parent til I was 18 when my mother died. She had cancer and had been ill for a very long time. As a family we had fallen apart. They day she died my father moved away. He came back for her funeral for the day then went again. At home it was just me and my younger sister. She has not forgiven my father. She lived between her best friend and her boyfriend at that time - she was still at school. She failed her exams as she was depressed and not coping with life. I wasn't coping either. too caught up in myself to notice that she had lost the plot as much as I had.

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17/06/2012 at 18:00

Not the same situation but I find the dad tributes very strange too. My dad died 8 or so years ago. As a family, we never "did" father's day. I don't find today difficult, although I do struggle on other days of the year (my birthday particularly, the last day I saw him) But I do find the adverts in the lead up difficult. Mainly as they're exactly the dreadful CD compliations he'd have adored!

But then I don't do public displays of strong emotion and particularly not grief, so I'm not sure I understand that sort of posting anyway. 

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17/06/2012 at 18:18

Have to say I was dreading today for that very reason ... this is my first 'fathers day' after losing my dad 9 months ago, and was preparing for the deluge of 'miss you' sympathy pleas that normally accompany such days.

Thankfully there have been very few, so today has been like any other Sunday for me really, oh except I got some lovely posh aftershave from the kids this morning

18/06/2012 at 09:56

i grew up with my grandparents until i was seven in Portugal, i met my mother for the first time when i was 7 and my father when i was 8. both lived in different countries, mother in UK (London) and dad everywhere (he travelled).

i never had a relationship with my mother, I was always feeling a little jealous of my sister who was older and always lived with my mum, (in my mind she chose my sister over me) when I was 16 i moved out of my mums place and moved in with my dad for 6 months, at this time he was back in Portugal. we didn't have much to talk about and there wasn;t a great bond between father and daughter, 2 years later he died of cancer. even though we didn't click, i'm glad of the time i had with him. then when i was 21 my mother died of cancer. i didn't feel much lose there as we were not close. still to this day i consider and call my grandparents my parents and luckily they are both still alive!

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