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...better than Wossy?

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06/12/2008 at 12:02
I used to like Wossy's saturday radio show until his fall from grace but I just love the temporary replacements, Danny Baker and Zoe Ball.  I've just listened to them on my run and had to stop a few times as I was laughing so much
06/12/2008 at 14:37

i will try it

they sound like a good combination

06/12/2008 at 14:48
next week is their last week
06/12/2008 at 14:48

i thought he was off till january?

06/12/2008 at 14:54

Anything has to be better than Jonathan Ross.

I used to love Danny Baker when he was on local London TV yonks ago and Zoe Ball is likeable.

06/12/2008 at 15:50
He is off until January but B&B only had a 4 week slot. They must be trying different peeps.
07/12/2008 at 02:12

Ross is usually excellent. Lamarr is generally a very able replacement  when he is on holibags.

baker/ball were perfectly fine today.

07/12/2008 at 04:39

My wife and i were talking about this today, apart film 2008 has anyone missed anything Ross does on the TV or radio?

07/12/2008 at 08:06
aye ross is very good on a saturday morning,
07/12/2008 at 08:07
I don't miss Film 2008 though because I don't feel he is any good on it.
07/12/2008 at 08:21
I'd pretty much stopped watching his Friday night tv show anyway and it seems there are more than able replacements for his radio prog
cougie    pirate
07/12/2008 at 10:42
Love the radio show - not heard b+b though - last i heard they had replaced him with some really bland r2 presenter - ridiculous.
And how rude of the bbc to think that stopping film 2008 is acceptable. Completely over the top !
07/12/2008 at 12:12
Danny Baker had a TV chat show which was better than Ross too - think it only ran for a single series.
Nicko. Hdau    pirate
07/12/2008 at 12:58
Baker and Ball are a class above gobshite Wossy, tooooooooooooo far up his own bumhole that bloke.
07/12/2008 at 17:43

Danny Baker is a jumped up, little, fat sh*t!

Wossy is no better.

Enough said.

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