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21/02/2003 at 20:00
out on another 1hr. training run today,
will have to try something longer at the weekend. Still havent had a confirmation reply regarding the race entry, wonder if
i'll have to pay on the sat. at the expo.
im hoping to go straight to the expo on the sat. right from the plane,possibly by train
as i hear it stops close to the expo.
24/02/2003 at 01:06
also have no entry confirmation--hope it is possible to pay at the expo--went out yesterday to do a 20m run but was so bitterly cold that i had to pack in at 16m--just could not warm up at all even after putting in a fast (for me) 7min mile--hope the weather picks up as there is only really time for one more long run -- hope you got your long run in--keep up the training
24/02/2003 at 20:55
ran for 1hr 15min on friday and 2hrs today
will have to try for that 3hr. run this week
i have checked the maps and i reckon that the best way from the airport to the expo will be by aerobus on the saturday then
find the easiest way to my hotel at LA RAMBLAS district.
25/02/2003 at 12:50
still no word from barcelona--am getting a bit worried--will e-mail them again today--did a 1hr run yesterday and felt fine and was about to extend it to two hours but was tracked down by two of my grandchildren and dragged off to the swimmers--the bus seems to be my best bet also as it stops at plaza catalunya where i get the tube to my accommodation--apparently the underground transport is superb with stops at all the places of interest
25/02/2003 at 15:58
rest day today,will try e mailing today
easy running for the rest of the week and then long run at weekend.
will let you know.
27/02/2003 at 23:04
sent another e-mail yesterday---still no reply---any luck yet
02/03/2003 at 21:28
no reply regarding paying for the race,but have original reply on being accepted ,hopfully this will suffice.
went for a run yesterday,but changed my route and before i noticed i was 2hrs out
and had to return. of course i had drink and
sweets for a 2/3hrs run. was completely knackered when i got home. i felt fine yesterday and today.
03/03/2003 at 00:54
also still no reply from barcelona--contacted "TEAPOT" on another thread--he thinks that he paid his entry fee at the expo on the day before the race but didnt say what year he had ran it--hope this is still possible if they have not got my bank draft---did a 21 miler yesterday and felt good even though i was soaked through from 9m onward--3hr 10min--got up today & felt ok so went to gym--did 6m on treadmill in 47m--training is paying off--great relief to get the last long run over with--just a 10m road race next sat & taper down---keep at it
05/03/2003 at 15:21
still havent been out for a run since saturday may try later today, just to keep
in shape. do you know the price of the
champion chip we have to use in the race.
06/03/2003 at 00:26
the entry form has the chip at 10 euros---refundable after the race---the 45 euro entry fee included the cost of the chip--have e-mailed barcelona twice--still no reply--am only doing easy runs this week and am having second thoughts about the 10 mile race on sat--afraid of getting carried away and possibly injured--but am very tempted as i have not had a race since Nov and would like to find out what shape i am in---decisions, decisions
09/03/2003 at 20:26
ive been out running twice this week a 3and a 5miler. will try 1 more next week.
i looked in the marathon web site and found our names on the entry list at least we know
we are registered.
when are you going and should we meet at the expo on sat afternoon.
did you go for your race.
12/03/2003 at 01:50
am leaving today at 12.30 from dublin---what time do you reckon you will be at the expo on sat? there is a pasta party at 2pm at the expo---could meet there--how will we know each other?i will be wearing a navy jacket with a broad white stripe on the front with the lettersMX56
didnt race last sat--have picked up a chest infection and am desperately trying to get rid of it --seems to be easing--hope it goes--have read somewhere that it is very dangerous to race with a chest infection--cant remember what actually happens--see you in Barcelona
12/03/2003 at 08:23
my flight arrives at 2.15, then a bus to the expo,i would guess around 3.15 at the registration. i will be wearing a GLASGOW
ran a 5milers on sat. in the rain and 2mile this morning maybe another 2mile tomorrow.
hope your infection clears up.
see you on saturday.
18/03/2003 at 19:24
arrived back in SCOTLAND alright to sunny but cold weather,feeling a bit stiffer today
sending you a e mail regarding sunday.
hope you had a good remaining few days.
25/03/2003 at 09:43
hope you arrived home safely. i arrived home with a blister on each foot,but now ok.
have tried a couple of runs this week, my legs felt like lead but will persevere with
my traning for the BLACKPOOL MARATHON.
have you decided what you next run will be.
30/03/2003 at 21:09
am in deep depression----have got severe shin splints in right leg--actually had this before the race but decided to run through it---leg is really sore so went to a physio and am told not to run until i get a special pair of orthotics made---had already paid £140 for a pair from Scholl`s but physio said they were rubbish---had hoped to do the Belfast marathon on 6th May but the physio says to forget it---am swimming aand cycling to maintain some sort of fitness but it is not the same---really miss the running--when is the Blackpool Marathon? Maybe i could get fit enough for that----keep up the training
01/04/2003 at 07:46
sorry to hear about your shins,but maybe rest is required. the blackpool marathon
is on the 22 june.
still trying to get myself out the door,
my legs still feel heavy,this should soon pass,pouring with rain todayand extremely windy, may try later.
02/04/2003 at 00:23
i may set myself a target of the Blackpool race and hope to be fit for then---we have a half marathon here on the 20th june and i was sort of aiming to run it but would prefer a marathon----physio also told me all my trainers were rubbish except for the saucony grid hurricane---they are all too light with no stability----we live and learn
--get the gear on and get the miles done ken---keep in touch
02/04/2003 at 09:40
weather great here at the moment out for a run this morning 4m. legs felt a bit heavy towards the end but feeling ok just now,
see how they feel when i wake up , but i
feel my running appetite is returning.
let me know how your training is going.
05/04/2003 at 18:22
had 3 runs this week,ran 10m today and feeling fine. next race is 1/2marathon
in may then another in june just before the
blackpool marathon.
how are things with you?
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