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09/04/2003 at 01:36
legs still sore---can only manage 3-4 miles before i have to pack it in--just doing gym work and swimming---will just rest and wait for the new orthotics and take the physio`s advice---its hard to stop running though---glad to see you are getting back to form---keep it up----weather here is marvellous,which makes the inactivity worse especially when i think of all those wet windy winter days out battling through the wind and rain----that`s life
11/04/2003 at 09:30
i had a couple of runs this week but my legs feel heavy. i also think i need new shoes,try for something longer at the weekend hope things get better soon.
11/04/2003 at 22:22
out on thur to check the legs---ran a 10k on grass---slow at 52 mins but legs felt fairly ok after ---got up today (fri) and legs were still fairly ok---am hoping this keeps up so that i can get back to the sat long runs---got new pair of stability trainers---feel like bricks on my feet and got blisters after only 5 miles---still as long as i get rid of the shin splints i wont complain
12/04/2003 at 18:34
good to hear you are back in the running
having a rest day today, but should be out for a long run on holiday this week due to the kids easter hols will try running during the daylight hours.
15/04/2003 at 22:51
out again today---ran 8 miles on grass--slow again at 66 mins--leg sore after so will wait till tomorrow to see if it eases up---longest run since Barcelona---this is the longest i have been injured---have missed 4 races here ---still as long as it gets better i wont moan--(too much)--hope the weather over at yours is as good as here --great here---are you still aiming for the Blackpool Marathon?
17/04/2003 at 21:37
yes the weather here is fantastic having to run early mornong /later at night.
i have 2 h/marathons before BLACKPOOL,one
in may the other in june.hope your legs get better soon .
25/04/2003 at 20:12
how are things going, had a few small training runs this week,hope to get back to normal training next week as the kids are back to school.still trying to entice the
guys from work to go to the BLACKPOOL MARATHON.
have managed to raise over £300 plus the company gives a pound for pound donation
still havent heard any news on our picture
certificate for the above.have you?
keep on running.
26/04/2003 at 20:50
How was Barcelona Marathon? I read of your frustrations to enter. I did the Rotterdam and it is by far the best marathon of the 7 Ive done. Beats Dublin, Paris and Loch Ness. Do it next year its a must.... Hope your back on form..... EEyin (off to Lochaber tomorrow and Belfast the following Sunday...... Yippee)
27/04/2003 at 19:13
the race was very well organised and mainly
flat apart from the last 2k which had a slight incline. the place was fantastic and
the crowds plentiful and cheered you on the
goody bag was better than loch ness and the
medal was huge, i would definatly go back.
if i cannot get into LONDON next year then
i will go for paris,rotterdam or even
barcelona again.
how did you get to rotterdam?
ran lochaber a couple of years ago,it was very differant from london,best of luck in
your 2 marathons.
28/04/2003 at 12:41
Kg ..... I posted a race report on the Rotterdam thread. Suffice to say my time was way down due to the heat and sightseeing the previous day but the race was very well organised and supported and Rotterdam is a wonderful city. I will do Rotterdam again but I have to do London at least once and Barcelona is on the to do list as well. Better goodie bag then Loch Ness then it must of been impressive. Lochaber was hard and no medal either ;(
04/05/2003 at 14:03
just back after 2 weeks in Majorca with kids and grandkids---weather superb but legs packed in again and only did one 5 mile run---will go out tomorrow and try a long run as the legs feel rested after the 2 weeks rest---have not got anything from Barcelona yet--- am tentatively aiming for Blackpool if i can get fit
04/05/2003 at 14:13
welcome to our 2 man thread---Barcelona was great---almost totally flat and fast---only gripe is that no sports drinks were provided-- i have just arrived back to rainy Belfast today but am not fit enough for tomorrows marathon---did it last year and it is quite tough--about 50% uphill--- best of luck
04/05/2003 at 22:47
received my certificate yestrday,very nice
with a line crossing photo and split times
worded in spanish.
ran a 4and 5miler over the last couple of days hope to run a bit longer tomorrow if the rain goes off.
possibly thinking of the DUBLIN MARATHON
will have to wait and see.
i have the MONKLAND HALF MARATHON on next sunday, see how my legs last.
keep on running.
06/05/2003 at 12:44
Thanks for the Support jimimac ...... I did a comfortable 3:39 weather was spot on, I wonder where the organisers arranged the terrific weather window. Impecable timing weather wise.

08/05/2003 at 19:32
got my barcelona cert and photo yesterday---photo is small but quite good--mine shows me limping across the line being passed by this wee woman going like a rocket---but i had actually beaten her so i didnt feel too bad--did a 6 miler today--knackered--cant figure out whats wrong---may just have to rest a bit more---are you still planning towards the Blackpool marathon?---i have also pencilled in Dublin---its a great race with a great course with only one ferocious hill at the 20 mile mark---did it last year--good luck with the half on sunday
08/05/2003 at 19:40
congrats on the super time---everyone was complaining about the wind and reckoned it had cost them around 10-15 mins which makes your time even better---was a great day--i was at the finish line up to the 4 hr mark so would have seen you finish--but didnt know your number
08/05/2003 at 22:23
I was wearing a Blue and white saltire vest and did an out of character, stupid mad dash to the line to avoid going into another minute. Almost recovered and Ive decided to enter the Ben Lomond Hill Race scheduled for this Saturday 1.00pm and looking forward to Prague Marathon the following Saturday. This running lark is just grand.
12/05/2003 at 09:50
finished the half marathon in 1h 44m the
weather was sunny with a bit of wind.
ran the race without my long shorts and
paying the price as my thighs are sore
so having to walk like john wayne.
my next race is the east kilbide half marathon the weekend before the BLACKPOOL
MARATHON. will try for some long runs before then,my legs feel ok today.
keep on training.
12/05/2003 at 22:21
sympathise with the thighs---wore normal shorts for my first marathon--finished with blood running down my legs---never again--stick with the long shorts---congrats on the good half marathon time
i still have not done a decent run since barcelona----legs are still not up to scratch even with new super-duper orthotics--am entered for a 10k race on Sunday but dont really feel up for it although maybe a good hard race may be what i need
12/05/2003 at 22:33
obviously you are not a great believer in resting---thats a hectic schedule you are tackling---i am rather envious---whats your secret for avoiding injury?
last year i raced a half marathon, a 10k,another half marathon,and a 5 miler on four consecutive days and felt great but this year, one marathon and my legs have still not recovered 8 weeks later?????
Any ideas arcane or otherwise
how far is the Ben Lomond hill race?
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