Have you got one?

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01/11/2005 at 11:32
I've recently discovered blogs, and found a few that I really enjoy reading. Do you have a blog? Why? How often do you post on it? Are there any blogs you would particularly recommend?

If you'd like us to be able to read yours, please give us a link!
01/11/2005 at 11:43
hi sassy
i'm new to this net thing and even newer to running,
what is a blog?
01/11/2005 at 11:52
It's a weblog - an online diary.
WildWill    pirate
01/11/2005 at 12:00
01/11/2005 at 12:11
Hi Sass

I do have a blog - I don't openly post it here but if you want mine - email me

Mrs Viking    pirate
01/11/2005 at 12:17
I have two, one purely for recording my running log and another personal one.

Here is my running one
01/11/2005 at 12:19
I'm sure the personal one would be more interesting Racer Back ;o)

Cath - you have mail.
01/11/2005 at 12:31
hi Sas

I started a blog but never had time to keep it

where ya been babe?
Kid B is on the percussive track now - she has her first glockenspeil and drum lesson today...
01/11/2005 at 12:34
Wow flr, that's brilliant.

I've been around, but just so busy. Coming to the end of a month's holiday now - back to work on Saturday :0((
01/11/2005 at 12:34
well nice to see you anyhow

best not hijack the thread or the owner will be cross :-)
01/11/2005 at 12:38
Tee hee fleur!

Thanks everyone for your blog addies - keep them coming please.
01/11/2005 at 12:40
I have one, you can e-mail me for it if you're interested. Mostly personal ramblings :-)

I'd recommend Jamie's Big Voice for a different view on life.
01/11/2005 at 13:41
Sass - no mail for me yet..!!

02/11/2005 at 11:24
Hi very verbose blog is here and contains a link to a whole lot of Aussie running bloggers of all abilities if you are interested in us downunder runners. :-)
12/10/2010 at 19:51

I am a novice runner currently training to run in my first marathon. You can read my blog here:

13/10/2010 at 09:40
5 years - not bad

13/10/2010 at 09:44

Good boing, some of my favourite people on this thread!

I have a blog, but am very sporadic on posting on it. I go through patches where I post a lot, and then not. At one time it used to be twice a week regular as clockwork.

06/12/2011 at 11:56
Did you get anywhere with this - I would like to start a blog (running / triathlon) and wonder if there are any that can be particulalry recommended
06/12/2011 at 11:57
Did you get anywhere with this - I would like to start a blog (running / triathlon) and wonder if there are any that can be particularly recommended
06/12/2011 at 12:13

I'm using wordpress and it's quite easy for a non-techie like me to manage and customise.

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