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11/11/2002 at 09:48
Hi PB.

Sorry to hear of all your traumas! I hope everyone gets better soon, including your PC!

As for Brighton, well the training was going awful where I fell out of love with running and it became a bind to drag myself out or to the gym.

But the good news is, that despite complaining of a twisted ankle and my running tights being on the floor by the washing machine waiting to be washed (I Fabreezed them, disgusting I know!), I went out for a run last night. Not sure how far but I was out for 41 mins (precisely) and I ran up the lovely hills of Rainham, one of which was about 10mins long!

So I'm in lurve with running again and don't feel like a running fraud anymore.

Can't wait for the weekend and Brighton yay!
11/11/2002 at 10:00
Caz - Those Rainham hills! I used to cycle up them every evening home on the way home from school. They looks like nothing in a car, but they become strangely steeper when approached on a bike (or on foot)... good effort! And good luck in Brighton!
11/11/2002 at 10:05
Thanks Lizzy! See you on the 13th in the pub?
11/11/2002 at 10:09
PB, I'm only running again on Wednesday, then rest up to Sunday, I run better that way, otherwise my legs are too tired and ache when I run.

My excuse for being lazy anyway :)
11/11/2002 at 10:59
Cheers, I think so too!
11/11/2002 at 11:05
Still planning on getting along to Brighton and even a bit optimistic on pace after a good tempo run at the weekend.

Tim, am I right in thinking that once the spots are out, then the patient is no longer infectious? Otherise I'll want a 10 metre exclusion zone to keep your sprogs away from mine.
11/11/2002 at 11:07
Neil, will the newest neilruns be there too?
11/11/2002 at 11:11
I have a small army of fair weather fans. If it's a nice sunny day, there will be me, the ladywife, three sprogs (inlcuding the newish arrival), mother in law and father in law. If it's raining, just me :-(

My eldest (4.5) asked on the way to school this morning if there will be a children's race that she can enter. So at least one of them's keen.

11/11/2002 at 11:16
Tim, with your recent rest and back-to-back tempo runs over the weekend I predict 41.45 for you. That should give you enough time to finish, shower, bask in the congratulations of your family, pop in to the nearest pub, buy a pint of Guiness and carefully carry it to the finish line to be ready on my arrival.
11/11/2002 at 11:19
And mine Neil, we're in the same time bracket.
11/11/2002 at 11:20
Except a cool Bud for me please PB.
11/11/2002 at 11:20
Make that two, I'll be thirsty! :)
11/11/2002 at 11:21
I think he'll need a tray.
11/11/2002 at 11:23
Caz, are the post or pre run meeting details sorted yet?
11/11/2002 at 13:57
Neil, I think it's

Night before - Cafe Pasta 8pm

Before Race - 10am at the entrance to Palace Pier

After Race - When you get there I suppose, pub at the end of the pier (not the middle one) called either Horatios, or The Pilot.
11/11/2002 at 16:36
Caz, last time I went in there the pub at the end of the pier was a real perfect. Hopefully I'll be able to tie the sprogs to a post outside and nip in for a beer.

I did 13 miles at lunchtime :-)
11/11/2002 at 16:52
I take looooong lunches
11/11/2002 at 17:13
Blimey - 13 miles in a lunchtime??? That's just showing off! ;o)
11/11/2002 at 17:17
Yeah, Neil, you show off!

I struggle to do 13 miles weekly mileage.

I did say I was a lazy bunny :)
12/11/2002 at 09:25
It took 2:10. Hey, I'm a flexible caring employer! No vacancies though.

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