Books for children.

Suggestions please...

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28/11/2011 at 19:41

A few ideas :

 The Companions Quartet - Julia Golding

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket

Touchstone Trilogy - Steve Augarde

Dark is Rsing series - Susan Cooper

Charlie Bone series - Jenny Nimmo

28/11/2011 at 19:42
 Discworld books by Terry Pratchett!!!
28/11/2011 at 19:42

CS Lewis is a good idea.

I read the complete works of Shakespeare when I was 10, and all my friends had gone on overseas holidays for the summer, and I was bored and nosing around my dad's study, and spotted a set of matching books. I was into matching sets and things, so once I'd started I had to finish, even if I won't pretend to have understood everything that went on!

28/11/2011 at 19:43

My 9 year old daughter loves Michael Morpurgo - not a series but he's written loads-and the beast quest series (hundreds of them) , also jaqueline wilson. Weirdstone of Brisingamen is great in the potter style.

otterline stories  for the younger one maybe?

agree cs lewis is great

28/11/2011 at 19:45
And the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michele Paver
28/11/2011 at 19:46
The Hobbit. It'll be a tough read given their age but it sounds like they'd be up for it.
28/11/2011 at 19:51

Take them to your local library, and introduce them to the children's section librarian. Ask which books are most in demand ... the librarian will probably be delighted to help.

Authors: Brian Jacques, Michael Morpugo are both great for kids.

Might be a little advanced for yours at their age, but the Mortal Engines series by Philip Reeve is superb.

28/11/2011 at 19:51

Oh yes, and the Artemis Fowl books are a hoot.

Has anyone mentioned Roald Dahl?

28/11/2011 at 20:01

The Borrowers? It might seem a bit old fashioned to them now, but it's a wonderful made up world. And there are about six books in the series. 

I loved Michelle Magorian's novels from primary onwards, and they feel like "grown up" books which might appeal to the nine year old. 

At the trashier end I used to inhale the Saddle Club books when I was 9 or so. And there are over 100 in the series. Probably will only appeal if they like horses though, as it's basically Jilly Cooper for girls who think horses are better than boys. 

28/11/2011 at 20:18
MIchael Morpugo is great, also my kids love Shadow Forest and The RUnaway Troll, both by Matt Haig. My eldest (boy just turned 11) loves the Time RIder books by Alex Scarrow and also the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz
28/11/2011 at 20:22
Ny daughter Anna (10) says what about Enid Blyton - Mallory Towers, the 5 Find Outers - stuff like that.

She doesn't Michael Mopurgo and some of them are boring - the goods ones (she says) are Cool, Kensukie's Kingdom and something like the White Lion. She doesn't like Jaqueline Wilson but her sister does - she's read loads - probably from about that age.

What about Diary of a Wimpy Kid - my daughter says it's more for boys but some girls read it - her twin brother is really into it.

I read them the Lemony Snicket books a few years back and I didn't like them.

I reckon Alan Garner is good but best left for a couple of years - and I'd leave it at the Wierdstone of Brisingamen. I'd have thought that was more typically a boys book too but some girls might like it. I'd leave the Hobbit too - though I did read it to my son a couple of years back I reckon for reading it alone 9 is maybe at the youngest age you'd want to try it. I'd say BeastQuest is more for boys and the 9 year old is definitely too old for them - plus they only last a couple of evenings so a bit expensive if they get into them.
28/11/2011 at 20:33
Swallows and Amazons...
gingerfurball    pirate
28/11/2011 at 20:54
The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew...I agree nothing wrong with Enid Blyton (I loved them!!) - I was reading Charles Dickens at that age...go for an easy start with A Christmas Carol...they probably know it word for word with all the films that are out. I know I was reading the "classics" at that age...Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, I really loved Willard Price and his "adventure" series (yes I am a girl but I had a pretty eclectic choice in books!!)

A little Princess, The Secret Garden...there was a series of books about a bunch of french orphans...I can't remember the titles...*has to restrain herself...none of mine were/are readers which is hard for me...reading was my comfort!!...*wonders why a wee ginger bookish GFB got bullied in school....hmmmmmm??*

iron fraggle    pirate
28/11/2011 at 20:55
My 10yr old is reading the Last Dragon series by Chris D'Lacey - they're very good and keep him interested.
seren nos    pirate
28/11/2011 at 21:01
Alex Rider series.........but not if they don't like people dying because the 14 year old boy spy kills someone in all eight books......I love them
gingerfurball    pirate
28/11/2011 at 21:03
Watership Down, The Railway Children, Little Women, Peter Pan, the Oz books, (really, really old fashioned the Just Williams books!!) anything by Roald Dahl, .....
28/11/2011 at 21:07

Ahh the Railway Children, I'm still disappointed that no one hosts races anymore where you have to run after paper trials. Although I'm ashamed to say that the film gets me more than the book, someone just has to say "Daddy, it's my daddy" in a Jenny Agutter voice and I well up.

There seems to be a split between relatively old classics and very new series. Were no good children's books written in the 90s? 

28/11/2011 at 21:39

Northern lights/subtle knife/amber spyglass by Philip Pullman

If they don't love them you will.

28/11/2011 at 21:40

Good selection there. I'd just add:

Heidi (and follow ons)

Kipling - Puck of Pook's Hill sticks in the head, although there are others.

With Wobbled on the weepy bit at the end of the Railway Children.

Couldn't get on with any Tolkein, I'm afraid.

gingerfurball    pirate
28/11/2011 at 21:42
I only read TLOTRs this year passed so I agree - might be a bridge too far!! But - oh yeah!! I loved Rudyard Kipling! (This thread may cause a very expensive sentimental trip to Amazon!!) - my all time favourite book is Vanity Fair - and I try to read it at least once a year...
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