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30/05/2003 at 09:37
One slice of toast, scrambled eggs and mmmmmmmmmmmmmushrooms!
30/05/2003 at 09:40
Special K red berries. Still hungry though and - horror - no money for when Tony Sandwiches comes round in half an hour.... :-(
30/05/2003 at 09:40
Weetabix for 14000th day running!
30/05/2003 at 09:41
I've saved my banana for 10 o'clock. Can't wait!!
30/05/2003 at 09:42
2 slices of wholemeal toast and 2 bananas.
30/05/2003 at 09:43
Porridge made with soya milk, plus banana. Cup of tea. Same as everyday, yum!
30/05/2003 at 09:44
Ohhh, all you people with your bananas. Mine's in the cupboard at home with all its friends. It should be here with me. Bums.
30/05/2003 at 09:45
Forgot to say copious amounts of coffee.
30/05/2003 at 09:47
I had a special 'social' breakfast today to fill my tummy so I can get absolutely wellied tonight!
30/05/2003 at 10:05
Tony Sandwiches has left the building....I am so hungry...
30/05/2003 at 10:07
cornflakes, rice cake and marmite, cup o' tea.
30/05/2003 at 10:07
oooooooooh. What's a Tony Sandwich? Do you get two Tonys and one Doctor Nic, and leave in a cold dark room for a few minutes?
30/05/2003 at 10:08
Surely it would be one Tony & 2 Dr Nics?

No, he is our sandwich man, and his name is Tony. So we (perhaps rather patronisingly) call him Tony Sandwiches (tho not to his face, just Tony then)
30/05/2003 at 10:09
Erm... Nic, yer right... But we can only just about handle one Dr Nic. 2 would be a bit tricky to handle!
30/05/2003 at 10:11
I like sausage sarnies. Yum Yum pigs bum.
30/05/2003 at 10:12
FF, Sausage and bacon sarny?
30/05/2003 at 10:13
Two hash browns, two pieces of bacon, one slice fried bread, one poached egg, good portion of beans, large cup of coffee.
30/05/2003 at 10:24
My girlfriend. Still hungry. No time for porridge as I'm now late for work.
30/05/2003 at 10:25
30/05/2003 at 10:25
May I suggest liberally spreading your oats.
1 to 20 of 89 messages
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