Christmas babies

Is it your birthday over Christmas?

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24/12/2004 at 11:25
If it is I would like to wish you happy birthday!

I have sympathy for you (my hubby's birthday is on Christmas day) and hope you all have a fabulous time, whatever you decide to do!
Viking    pirate
24/12/2004 at 11:30
My sons 10th birthday is on the 26th December. Which was a bit of a shock as he wasn't due until March. And he made me miss the Widnes V Warrington rugby match. Git!
24/12/2004 at 11:40
not mine but my Mum will be 81 on Xmas Day.......
24/12/2004 at 12:12
it's mr TP's 30th today and my 30th on 29th dec.

happy christmas to my fellow christmas babies!
24/12/2004 at 12:20
My mother is 60 on xmas day, and my sister will be 30 too!
24/12/2004 at 12:21
December 28th for me
24/12/2004 at 12:23
Happy birthday in advance Reindeer bear!
ip(FeS2)    pirate
24/12/2004 at 12:53
December 22 for me.- Been and gone, but, as usual, I won't get most of my presents til Xmas day when I see my family :-(
24/12/2004 at 13:13
l p - you share a birthday with my eldest, Chloe - also 22nd. She just turned 12 which has made me feel very, very old! :-(

That said, she is the nicest, most well behaved, grown up and pleasant 12yr old I've ever met! :-D
Duck Girl    pirate
24/12/2004 at 13:22
Rhino on the 30th.
24/12/2004 at 14:21
Is the 18th too early too count as a Christmas baby ??
24/12/2004 at 14:34
I'm 12th night aka Epiphany
ip(FeS2)    pirate
24/12/2004 at 14:54
pantman.- I'm sure she has/will tell you this herself, but joint presents are a real no-no (unless they're *really* good:-) Oh, and presents wrapped in Xmas paper ... don't even think about it...

Have a great Christmas however you choose to celebrate it.
24/12/2004 at 14:59
It's Cougie's burpday today!!


24/12/2004 at 15:56
boxing day for me. big bro on 28th. something in the water in late March
24/12/2004 at 16:52
My childhood blighted by 1 set of presents marked "this is for Xmas and Birthday" on them . My brother born in the summer got 2 sets( and they were all better than mine!)Not that I'm bitter you understand!
Crash Hamster    pirate
24/12/2004 at 17:21
27th Dec for me...
cougie    pirate
24/12/2004 at 18:02
Mwwwwh back at ya Jj - and cheers sis !
I have mostly been getting books today and nuffink runningish. Have got some Triathamalon things. Like a 2nd number belt ? And a ickle box for my aero pringles I spose.
24/12/2004 at 19:59
Happy burpday Cougs :o)

Yeah - no joint pressies!!!
Duck Girl    pirate
24/12/2004 at 20:29
My brother's friend has just had a new baby boy!
heard about 3 hrs ago.
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