Cocktails - favourite recipes please!

(Playing with my new juicer tonight.)

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29/04/2003 at 15:42
A combination of having bought a juicer this weekend, and having a friend coming over tonight so I thought why stick with boring wine, when we could play at making cocktails?!

So now I need some help! Fruity cocktail recipes please. Any ideas?
29/04/2003 at 15:45
Don't know the recipe myself, but go into Wetherspoon's pub and ask for the recipe for a Monster Reef. Like I said, not sure what goes in it, but it's green and rather delicious!
29/04/2003 at 15:51
Equal parts white rum and vodka, with equal parts pinapple and orange juice... 'Zombies' I think.... crush ice if ya' can be arsed...
very nice...
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
29/04/2003 at 15:51

2 parts gin to one part Vermouth lots of ice and and olive,



2 parts Vodka to 1 part Vermouth lots of ice

have fun
29/04/2003 at 15:55
Juice of several oranges, large handful of frozen rasps, generous swig of Peach Schnapps, vodka or white wine as desired.

No name (as yet) but very scrummy.
29/04/2003 at 16:00
how about a 'Messy Nessie'..?
29/04/2003 at 16:01
Excellent, keep em coming!
I think a Messie Nessie may well be on the agenda!
29/04/2003 at 16:03
blue bols, tequila and vodka over crushed ice....

('blue meanie' I think... but makes mouth seriously blue...)
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
29/04/2003 at 16:11
Down Under Snowball

2 parts Light Rum, 2 parts. Peach Schnapps, 1 part Grenadine, 6 parts Orange juice

Blend with ice
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
29/04/2003 at 16:15
Golden Dream

1 oz. Galliano, 1/2 oz. Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Cream or Ice Cream

29/04/2003 at 16:34
Meggles, these sites may be of some use (sorry, can't do links)

29/04/2003 at 16:49
Thanks Gavo I'll have a look.

SwissBobby, bit of a connoisseur?!
Nicko. Hdau    pirate
29/04/2003 at 16:57

29/04/2003 at 16:58
Classic Gin Sling:

3 parts Gin
1 part Cherry brandy (its worth buying come if your drinks cabinet is like mine!)
Soda water to taste
Add a bit of lemon juice
ice and a cherry.

29/04/2003 at 17:06
almost any fruit in the blender with rum gets called a diaquiri.experiment with different ones until you don't feel confident you can find the on switch any more.bananas aren't brilliant but most red fruit is.
my favourite is classic rum punch
1 measure (usually a pint)'sour'-lime juice fresh squeezed only
2x 'sweet',sugar syrup(just boil up the silver spoon in water)
3x'strong',dark rum,mountgay is best
4x 'weak',water
then add a good slug of angustura bitters,and grate some nutmeg in.

if using pint measures, serves 2 unless very thirsty.students should double quantities,if i remember correctly which i probably don't...
also nice if you can get a large stash of fresh mint are a mojito or a caiparhino-mostly rum sugar syrup and mint.
29/04/2003 at 17:09
29/04/2003 at 17:17
Wahay! Looks like we're in for an interesting night! I do have to be a psychology lecture at 9am tomorrow morning thoug, and certainly can't drink like I could when I was a student 1st time round!

Flatmate is off to supermarket later so we'll see what he comes back with! (hopefully some ridiculous Del-Boy style umbrellas and windy straws :))
29/04/2003 at 17:35
What already to No 17 and No Margarittas?

Frost a tall glass rim with sea salt!
Half fill with ice
2 parts tequila (silver is better for margarittas)
1 part triple sec
1 part lime juice
Serve with slice of lime

Drink in a bar, somewhere warm and sultry overlooking the harbour!

(the last bit is optional but recomended)
29/04/2003 at 17:38
I have a chilly garden overlooking a carpark, will that do?!
29/04/2003 at 17:52
Meggles, do a Psychological experiment on yourself by skipping the lecture, having a hangover and learning how your social interactive skills are changed by excess alcohol and massive dehydration.

And everyone skips lectures in exam semester (apart from those where they tell you the topics on the exam).
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