Curry - Rusholme - Saturday 5th July.

A sort of NW Social.

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20/06/2008 at 11:52

I have just been liaising with Wolfy and a decision has been made for Sezz, Wolfy and myself to go and scoff curry in Rusholme on the evening of Saturday 5th July.

Anyone else wish to join us? Everyone welcome.

20/06/2008 at 11:53
Ahem... and possibly/probably me.
20/06/2008 at 12:03
Sounds a great idea.. We were in the Naz a couple of weeks back... (Sadly we will be in Keswick on the 5th.)
Edited: 20/06/2008 at 12:04
20/06/2008 at 12:15
would love to but working in london that weekend
20/06/2008 at 13:54
Wish I could   I'll be with you in mind, if not in body...
20/06/2008 at 22:11


I've just had a look on easyjet and you could come for the night for the bargain price of 200 Euros. You could stay at mine in the collapsing bed or you could share with Minkey in the spare bedroom with the non-collapsing single bed or you could sleep in the car, the garage or the garden or I could put the tent up or there's a Travelodge or something else.

Excuses excuses!!!!

Edited: 20/06/2008 at 22:13
20/06/2008 at 22:15

you deliberately organise these when i am on call dont you


20/06/2008 at 22:18



Do you not get meal breaks? Or throw a sickie.

Edited: 20/06/2008 at 22:22
20/06/2008 at 22:47

meal breaks?????????

On the NHS?????????????


everyone else is fecking sick

LIVERBIRD    pirate
21/06/2008 at 20:28
I'd like to, but DM is secretly afraid of me.......
Farnie    pirate
21/06/2008 at 20:37

can I come

LIVERBIRD    pirate
21/06/2008 at 20:40
You'd be the only one I'd know Farnie!
Farnie    pirate
21/06/2008 at 20:42

oooh go on...

I will let you look at my Prada handbag again.

Farnie    pirate
21/06/2008 at 20:43

ohhh noooooo

I have got a wedding to go to

LIVERBIRD    pirate
21/06/2008 at 20:49

I think I've got something on too, but I'd have to check....

You never know Farnie - they might not get married and then you can come!

(Resolves to arrive in all the bling she can muster)......

21/06/2008 at 22:00

A night out in Rusholme will be far more fun than a wedding!

Farnie    pirate
21/06/2008 at 22:06

I know hence the  smilie......

22/06/2008 at 00:16

I'd love to come

 If the weddings local - just 'pop out and check on the oven\goldfish\babysitter'

LIVERBIRD    pirate
22/06/2008 at 07:27

You put the goldfish and the babysitter in the oven????

22/06/2008 at 07:56

Only if the goldfish is called hansel and the babysitter is Gretel

I was aiming for a gingerbread house - but the rain in manchester might make it go mushy.

Curry sounds more preferable to a wedding unless there are 80's dancing uncles! If anyone starts breakdancing over the age of 30, I need to see the photos

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