Many of us out there?

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Dubai Dave    pirate
23/02/2005 at 06:15
Dubai is the place to be for a nice sweaty run! Nothing beats running the SOUTH Devon Coastal path (All my Cornish relatives would be very upset if they knew I said that).

Expats on the forums that I'm aware of

Dubai Dave
Swiss Bobby
Stranded in Turkey
Derm in Saudi
Timbo Gazelle
Dutch Johnny
Lizzy B

Sure there are loads more

23/02/2005 at 14:38
Hi DD, How did you get on in the Marathon, missed the news on the thread?
23/02/2005 at 14:57
I used to be Pat Butcher, can I join?
23/02/2005 at 22:29

I'm JP in er...yes, you guessed it - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Essex man from Norfolk enjoying warmer, drier climes. Loads of places to rent out here if you want to join me!
23/02/2005 at 22:32
must get this thread cazzed, too much sun and enjoyment :-((
23/02/2005 at 23:45
do I count?

I'm sort of the reverse - Australian but lived in London for 3.5 years until last year, now back in Melbourne
Dubai Dave    pirate
24/02/2005 at 05:42
Tri runner,

Dubai Marathon in 3-45. Abu Dhabi marathon on 18th March, then FLM and then the biggy Comrades on the 16th June. After that I think I'll have a break, last year I didn't take a break after Comrades and promptly got injured!
24/02/2005 at 15:33
Those of us running in hot weather (it's not all good news!), how do you rate your times vs cold running?

I reckon at 28-30c I'm at least a minute/ml off my UK pace.....
24/02/2005 at 16:06
Trinirunner - there is an equation, but it is in Farenheit which I don't understand. TRanslated (very, very) roughly into centigrade, you lose 10 secs per mile for every 10 degrees above/below 15C. Or summat like that.

LizzyB in a warm and sunny Iceland where we haven't had snow for weeks an'didn't have much to start off with an' it is meant to be a ski resort an' I am v. pee'd off an' it is like May here an' all the flowers are coming up an' I haven't even used my big off piste snowboard yet cos conditions have been so sh*te GIVE US BACK OUR SNOW YOU ENGLISH B&&&&RDS!!!!!!
24/02/2005 at 16:07
(sorry, I do feel quite strongly about this lack of snow thing)
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
25/02/2005 at 07:31
Hi there... Snow bah I hate the stuff at the moment...

I can not get my long runs in for the FLM at the moment

panic has not yet set in but getting close to it...

25/02/2005 at 08:08
Swiss Bobby - swap?
25/02/2005 at 11:52
LizzyB - think we have some of it in Sweden! White everywhere, -15, and sunny (until a second ago).
25/02/2005 at 17:37
LizzyB, Ouch not nice to have no snow....

Global warming is not all its cracked up to be...
27/02/2005 at 17:53
Oh yes, I always forget about the shovelling aspect when I whinge about the lack of snow - an hour a day it can take, who needs a gym?

Running in it is dire too, but we're luckly becuase even the bridlepaths and footpaths get cleared after a day or so so there's usually somewhere to run. The thaw is the worst part!

But this weekend, as we were skiing/snowboarding on a strip of wet slush as wide as a car, I would have happily cleared the snow from 20 houses in return for some of the white stuff.

Still, Ive been out on my road bike this week, not bad for February.

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