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28/10/2002 at 09:04
you back yet?
must have been a very long run
28/10/2002 at 21:24
HI Guys!!!! Had to spend a hard day's work on a freezing cold windswept racecourse today - tough work - but someone's got to do it!

Did the run tho! Went out at 2115 last night, 6.5 miles - it was MAGIC!

Cold - 'playful' wind, starry starry night - no moon at first so could see the milky way and all the winter constellations (why can't I ever remember their names?). Shooting stars - satellites - distant airplanes - beautiful. Then the moon slowly rose behind the mountains - oh wow - what a night after such a storm. It's pitch black here - someone once said that the night sky should be an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - now I know why.

Oh no - Tuesday's fast session tomorrow morning at 5.30am.... well that's something else to really look forward to isn't it?
29/10/2002 at 08:45
.. and non-believers ask us why we go out running.

Your post should be compulsory reading for armchair critics
29/10/2002 at 09:10
Wow SS sounds like a fantastic run!

How do you run at night, how do you light your way? What about traffic seeing you? I'd really like to and it looks like running in the dark may become my only option during the week.

It sounds great,so how do you take care of the practicalities.

29/10/2002 at 16:50
29/10/2002 at 18:23
Nice one SS sounds great.........

I might be the odd one out, but, personally I never look for excuses not to run, because I allways want to run, and I have to stop myself from running too much most of the time, but thats just me, obsessive in everything ............
29/10/2002 at 22:24
SS i am SEROIUSLY impressed
Give me some of your motivation:)
29/10/2002 at 22:51
cant possibly run it would affect my hockey
I mean I might get injured so i have to schedule enough rest days

doesnt work after last weekend!
29/10/2002 at 22:55
dont belieeve you
Whos doing reading????
30/10/2002 at 12:39
Hi Daisy Dog - sorry - haven't logged on for a bit.

Re : Running in the dark. Well - I don't use any torch at all - my eyes adapt OK without and I think torches tend to ruin your night vision. BUT - I know the route really really well - so I know exactly where the 3 potholes are - and did almost get caught out on Sunday when I trod on a very round bigger than usual twig / small branch.

I always always wear a mesh vest with serious reflective scotchlite panels on it over a thin running top. I've got a yellow one as well as an orange one - different lighting makes one more visible than the other - eg dusk is def an orange vest - not yellow which is better for foggy / murky weather and morning ! Honest!!

And in the dark I'm more prepared to stop and throw myself into the side if a car comes towards me - more so that its headlights don't blind me than anything.

I prefer running in the morning - at 6am now - as that way it's getting lighter rather than darker - but where we are there is more traffic at that time than at night. Also in the morning the air's cleaner (less pollution from people's fires' etc)

NEVER EVER run in mist though as it's a sure fire way to get a lung infection and some morning's can be really misty - but you don't realise til you're in it.

I blew my Tueday early morning session - went off too fast and ground to a halt after 1min :50secs of a 7 minute fast run!! Ron (see General Heartrate thread)gave me feedback and say's that you do tend to run faster in the dark, he's written an interesting piece on it - and I know I did on Sunday night as well. So you might find you train better at night than in the day!

Try it - it's fun!
30/10/2002 at 13:55
Wow! Thanks Shattered Shins.

I presume you're in the country with that reference to throwing yourself into the side if a car comes. So that's no longer an excuse either...

Damn, so that means the old, "but it's too dark now" excuse is out of the window.

But wait - my running clothes are dark - I need a reflective jacket - thank goodness, puts it off for a bit longer...

Bad (getting rather unfit) Daisy Dog
cougie    pirate
30/10/2002 at 17:48
Way ahead of you on the excuses front. On hearing the poor forecast for the last weekend I promptly went out for a nice 4 miler, and broke my leg about 10 yards from the finish.

Voila - I had the perfect excuse to sit on the sofa. And this is valid for the next 2 weekends as well. Hopefully I'll be able to start again after that.

London is only 5 and a bit months away ! Eeek !
30/10/2002 at 19:22

You should have just stayed home!! Great excuse for me though - can't go running - might break my leg!!!

How awful for you. Hope you're not in too much pain - is it really going to mend in three weeks? How did you do it?

I'm stunned...
30/10/2002 at 22:57
I only ever have one excuse - I need to work on my thesis. Unfortunately, it's true!! And I do work hard. I think I need to invest in some new running tights/warm tops to restore some of the motivation...
30/10/2002 at 23:07
Dont talk to me about the thesis!
cougie    pirate
30/10/2002 at 23:31
Daisy - it was such a stooopid accident.

Out for a lovely run at lunch in the sunshine, ran through a pedestrian tunnel underneath the railway, and it was pitch black, especially after being in the bright sunshine. Some eedjit had left a wine bottle in the tunnel, and I didn't see it until I trod on the damn thing, and turned my ankle. I sent the bottle skeetering off ahead of me, smashing into a million pieces, and all I could think was - 'Don't fall on the broken bottle !'

Luckily I did keep my balance - just - but my ankle was hugely painful & swollen.

It's just a small break at the bottom of the leg, and a lot of damage to the tendons or ligaments whatever.

I go back after 3 weeks so I hope it'll be OK then - I need to start training for London soon !

Moral of the story - slow down in dark places !!!
31/10/2002 at 12:09
I'll remember that for that night run that I'm never going to do ;O)

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