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06/02/2008 at 08:46


PSC It is 2008

06/02/2008 at 09:33

PSC and MF7

I have just found a new definition of nutter. I am organising a Conference in Harrogate this weekend and one of our major sponsors is Lloyds TSB. My contact there is a chap called Bernie. On one of his recent emails to me I read the following at the bottom of one of his emails,. Bernie is probably somewhere between myself and Mark in age. Read em and weep!

 "Bernie's Journey"

On Saturday 22nd March 2008 I will commence my journey from the UK's most northerly point John O'Groats ending 21 days later at the UK's most southerly point Lands End on Saturday 12th April 2008.

I will then travel to London and complete The London Marathon on Sunday 13th April 2008.

A total of 926.2 miles/35 Marathons in 22 days!

Please help me on my very special journey to change 50 young Barnardo's lives forever.

I will be aiming to raise £50,000 for Barnardo's please visit:

06/02/2008 at 12:14

Wow Bernie is deffo a nutter!  Good luck to him.

On the plugging front I'm doing London for the Royal British Legion - Sarah suggested it and it seems appropriate with her starting at Sandhurst.

 My website is

PSC - you and Bobo could do QS together in your wedding gear!!

06/02/2008 at 13:29

thats assuming PSC can still fit into his suit

Which I hasten to add I cannot

07/02/2008 at 01:27

People would pay good money to see that!

Only joking guys!

Mark - What are you doing trying to get into PSC's suit.

 Yes, before you say it, I am really typing this at 01.25am as I have just got back from the bar and discovered that I havea free connection in this Hotel, once a Jock, always a Jock!

PSC    pirate
07/02/2008 at 07:07


2008 - doh! Yes, I thought you were being pedantic then, and then realised my error

I can still get in my wedding suit - it has stretched since I got married .... seriously, this will be Jnr's first weekend free from school so we will pop up north to spend some time with him.

CB - yep, nuts would sum up that particularl jaunt!

Morning Thanet  

07/02/2008 at 07:53

Morning Thanet and Harrogate.

Due to work and other things, I still haven't run since Saturday. I must get out tonight!

07/02/2008 at 08:56

Morning PSC  I am impressed if you can still get into your wedding suit.  If I remember correctly mine had a size 28" waist  these day id be more likely to fit into a 38

Cliff see you at tonights speed session then ?

 Bill if you are a real "jock" im suprised youve left the bar that early

PSC    pirate
07/02/2008 at 09:01

Surely not Mark! I always knew I would grow into mine eventually! A genuine births, deaths and marriages suit. LOL.
07/02/2008 at 20:22

Speed session, what's that?

I have two speeds, dead slow and dead. Besides Sam told me to keep training low and long, so I assumed she meant me to have a good sleep!!!

08/02/2008 at 09:48

LOL Cliff  its actually time to have a taper now I recon. Dont listen to sam she's a nutter and is trying to cram 12 weeks of training for the overnigter into 2 weeks.  liquid carbs for me tonight I think

 I must be going soft in my old age let them get away with just 4 x 1k last night  on the excuse that most are running Dover on Sunday

08/02/2008 at 12:09
We think you're a great coach!
PSC    pirate
08/02/2008 at 12:49
so much for the hard man reputation of Thanet Road Runners.  Bunch of softies
08/02/2008 at 14:51
Mark, is it meet down the Esplanade still for Thursdays at the mo?
08/02/2008 at 16:56

Cinders  we have gone back to meeting at ramsgate swimming pool 6.30 for the warm up run down. 

oh and a chance to mock the big girls blouses who tart about in the pool pretending to do "swim training" whatever that is

08/02/2008 at 18:14
tart about in the pool pretending to do "swim training"  AKA drowning by numbers
08/02/2008 at 18:43

Tsk, fingers in ears after swim "training" for 20 years and lifeguard "training" for 10 !!!

Obviously I'm rather slow right now so can I meet you down there or someone slow enough to plod down with me?

PSC    pirate
08/02/2008 at 18:50

What can I say!

To those who understand ....

I salute you
08/02/2008 at 19:01
cinders it is a SLOW jog down but I will stay with you
08/02/2008 at 19:08

te he seems I have touched a nerve

right im off out now for a large intake of liquid carbs.  Cliff told me its the perfect pre run preparation

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