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..what are yours?

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11/09/2002 at 14:35
rice pudding with skin and nutmeg on top, homemade, not tinned stuff
11/09/2002 at 14:39
Jam Rolly-Poly, with lots of hot custard.

Or - Hot waffles with treacle, chopped banana and ice-cream...
iron fraggle    pirate
11/09/2002 at 14:41
Heinz syrup sponge (only 3 mins in the microwave!!) with custard....hmmmm yum yum.
or homemade apple and blackberry pie.

Damn, got me feeling hungry now
11/09/2002 at 14:44
Semolina and Prunes.

Yummy memories of school dinners.
11/09/2002 at 14:47
Stop it ! Stop It !

And extra sugar
11/09/2002 at 14:47
Bananas and custard or teramisu (don't pick me up on the spelling, if you'll pardon the pun!)
11/09/2002 at 14:50
Summer pudding with clotted cream
11/09/2002 at 14:51
Sablé aux fraises

Soufflé au Grand Marnier

Tarte Tatin

hmmmm, probably don't count as "puds", though do they?
11/09/2002 at 14:55
Sablé - thin, feather-light, ultra-crumbly, butter-laden, food-of-the-gods biscuit type thingy. but yes it does mean "sandy" - those French, huh? crazee guys!
11/09/2002 at 15:00
treacle tart and clotted cream. or custard.
11/09/2002 at 15:03
Picked up a great recipe for Lemon Tart from Nick Nairn.

Takes ages to make as it's best to leave the cream and lemon mixture overnight and you've got to use a blow torch to melt the icing sugar on top to give the right textured and coloured topping.

My mouth's watering just thinking about it.

11/09/2002 at 15:19
All of the above plus flapjacks, Costco chocolate muffins, ginger trifle with Stones ginger wine in it, lemon cheesecake, battenburg, swiss roll, Mums homemade crustylemon butter bake, millionaires shortbread.

The name says it all!!!!!!
11/09/2002 at 15:26
Stewed rhubarb with artificial sweetener and a light shake of ground ginger.

A nice green Granny Smith, eaten with a knife and fork.


Ice cream. The creamier and more expensive the better. I hate to find air in my ice cream.

Chocolate anything provided it doesn't also have cream and/or mushy cherries in it.

Sticky toffee pudding and custard. I'm not fussy - tinned custard will do nicely.

Homemade cheesecake.

Tarte tatin. Or any sort of cake or pie with apples in as long as the pastry is buttery and not mouth-clinging. With ice cream or custard, not cream.

Christmas pud.

Now, what shall I have tonight? Frozen Mullerlight, probably...

11/09/2002 at 15:30
A ripe pear with some sort of hard cheese.
11/09/2002 at 15:31
Anything with meringue.

Pavlova with lots of cream...hmmmmm
11/09/2002 at 15:57
chocolate truffle torte, apricot crumble, creme brulee, creme caramel, lemon sorbet - no wonder I'm tubby!
11/09/2002 at 16:15
Apricot crumble! Forgot that one. Memories of student days and a whole flatload of girls getting the munchies at the same time and never having anything available apart from an endless supply of the kit needed to make crumbles with fruit canned in syrup...apricot was my favourite. Oddly enough, despite theories about menstrual synchronisation, our feasts weren't the result of hitting TOTM together. I think we were just greedy piglets.
11/09/2002 at 16:39
It was either puds or beer.
Don't eat puds ( apart from friut).
haven't had a pud in two years.
I'm still cuddly tho'.
11/09/2002 at 17:11
there's this lovely Yugoslavian cake which is made with 1 kilo of ground walnuts as well as whole wheat (I think) - it is so yummy and rich that even after cooking it is still a batter consistency. Heavenly!
11/09/2002 at 17:17
this whole thread (and all the other food threads which seem to be proliferating like mushroom spores) is starting to sound like something put out by the WI - home baking tips but without the racy calendar. or maybe there is a racy calendar and I missed it.
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