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12/10/2002 at 23:17
12/10/2002 at 23:23
12/10/2002 at 23:25
Benz, you've got a long wait
12/10/2002 at 23:26
I know, ill be very cold and lonely
12/10/2002 at 23:27
I'm upset now.

She is lovely tho!
13/10/2002 at 07:50
Stop fighting over me gals! (I can take two at a time!)

Anyway, morning all! Hope you all have a good day today.
13/10/2002 at 08:05
Promises, promises Shrek
Ill try to enjoy work!
13/10/2002 at 08:07
Have a nice day at work then benz. Hope the patients don't give you too much to do (not likely I suppose)
13/10/2002 at 16:25

Two at a time eh Shrek! I think we're on the wrong thread here.

So you think I'm a gal eh?

SR ;¬)
13/10/2002 at 16:29
Err, just a guess judging by your hobbies...
I may be wrong though!
13/10/2002 at 16:49

Damn - knew I should have included stripping down the 1949 Cadillac, getting plastered, watching Monkey (not Jon), and other 'manly' pursuits.

13/10/2002 at 16:52

getting worried??
13/10/2002 at 17:23
[He says looking around a bit furtive...]
14/10/2002 at 10:38

Perhaps you should be! Keep looking over your shoulder ... both of them

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41 to 54 of 54 messages
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