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can we be saved?

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11/10/2002 at 23:20
Me addicted , never, even if I was which I am not, well I could be, EP I need help.........
11/10/2002 at 23:27
I bet he hasn't got any hair or a VERY small wheener EP. Second to Jon makes me a very sad man, but I'm still running, still inproving and love most of you. Happy running you all!
11/10/2002 at 23:32
I have been told I am addicted to this site but I use it to improve my running training only.
That and find out about toenails falling off, that jaffa cakes are better than malt loaf, predict Paulas finishing time and pick up ironing tips.
Oh dear, I need help...
My name is Sarcy, I am a forum addict.
11/10/2002 at 23:36
Welcome young worthy dog. A bright Alex by all accounts.
12/10/2002 at 08:57
I used to be addicted but I never use the forum now...
12/10/2002 at 09:05
Bk, you love only SOME of us?
Sob ,sob
I knew I was addicted to this forum when my gin consumption slowed to one per hour.
I was too busy posting and reading to refill the glass
This is serious
12/10/2002 at 09:14
Quotes..... from friend; "I can never call you now, you're always on that running thing"....... from daughter; "Mummy, you were on there when I came in an hour ago"........

I'm not addicted. But like Benz, I'm a bit worried that I can't even tear myself away to get the bottle of wine!
12/10/2002 at 09:59
Addicted to the forum?
Surely not.

Addicted to the friendship and humour.. definitely.

Oh and Badger, of course.
12/10/2002 at 13:46
You've got it REAL bad Barkles!
12/10/2002 at 13:47
Perhaps you should start a Badger appreciation thread - she'd love that!
12/10/2002 at 16:12
Who is Badger anyway? Can anyone join her appreciation society?
12/10/2002 at 18:02
I can understand the badger addiction
She looks so cuddly!
12/10/2002 at 20:56
You mean there is a picture of her somewhere? Come on Barkles, just to see why you have it so bad.
12/10/2002 at 20:58
You haven't seen it? Most people have! I have saved it for special occasions!

Invited an old friend Tarmac Breaker here... He hasn't been around for a while so be gentle!
12/10/2002 at 20:59
Of course I really meant to put this on the Darkside post... Sorry!
12/10/2002 at 21:01
You'll just have to accept it - she's one hell of a badger and Barkles is very lucky!
She does of course share her love around a little (but not in that sort of way of course)
12/10/2002 at 21:01
12/10/2002 at 21:08
Wow am I touched!!
And am I addicted...
Well.....logging on from sisters house the minute all our cubs are in bed.....
Could well be...

Have actually had to look at their Doctors forum to justify my 'general interest in forums'.....

Got it ultra bad. And can't get you lot out of my headxxxxxxxxxx
12/10/2002 at 21:19
LDB, did you burst into song then,

Cant get you out of my head......

Your not like Kylie by any chance are you?

Dosn't matter really, you are still mighty cool.............

12/10/2002 at 21:23

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