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What's your crystall ball prediction?

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27/09/2005 at 19:30
What's next?

Running a business? Talent running in the family? Runners running late? People running for election?

(and apologies for the b!tchy topic - one of them days)
27/09/2005 at 19:32
From sedentary to Olympic Marathon glory in just 7 years.
27/09/2005 at 19:32
Noses running?
27/09/2005 at 20:37
300 ways to fold your socks?
27/09/2005 at 20:37
A Hoose inspired "My favourite bush to cr@p in" series, complete with pics?

"Rave runs", perhaps?
27/09/2005 at 20:38
no idea but i bet it has a woman wearing a jacket on it (will be first winter issue)
27/09/2005 at 20:42
Paula Radcliffe runs 26 miles 385 yards in under 2 hrs. in training.
27/09/2005 at 20:49
erm - I *think* you'll find it's a male cover model month...

other than that, who c...knows?

[stern look at RW Towers]
27/09/2005 at 20:58
'Running and how it helped me get rogered regular'.

Your full beginners sex life schedule, from virgin to whore in 10 weeks.

Brings a whole new meaning to Mike Grattons 'hard' training.
27/09/2005 at 21:01
Yes, i will be on the front cover as the male model!

<wanders off dreaming>
27/09/2005 at 21:05
[writes another not to Sean to change the site's typeface]

Jj, MT, Jj.

27/09/2005 at 22:44
Designer Christmas socks?
27/09/2005 at 23:10
Androgynous person r*nning with dog on leash?
27/09/2005 at 23:19
Maybe some breathing techniques as a follow on from last month? Or for any??? who gfs and bfs have dumped them as a result of their new found addiction to running (and this site!), single and running for over 30s
27/09/2005 at 23:28
I predict it will be Mick 'n' Phil with their new racing wheelchair. Find out more at

Help Mick and Phil get a new chair!!
Donate here =
Read about the guys here =

PS Jj is probably right though with her male model suggestion :-(
29/09/2005 at 18:04
Boing!! - did make me chuckle :-)
29/09/2005 at 23:51
Well at least one page of it will be on nutrition according to the home page, but that's pretty normal. Any other bets?
30/09/2005 at 00:18
some bloke with an impossible to get six pack or a very pretty model who couldnt run to the corner shop

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