Gait analysis - how important is it to you?

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Dark Vader    pirate
27/12/2012 at 09:26

Jaclyn..   how do you know the size of the shoe isn't a problem..?


27/12/2012 at 10:24

because my usual shoe size is 39. bought a pair of Volmeros 39 and were too small...this is how the toe problem started. i immediately had to have four toe nails removed. went to shoe store and tried on the air pegasus in 39, 40, 41. the best toe space i had was 41. this since my second and third toes are longer than my big toe. i have long narrow feet...rather than a 'wide' toe box wanted to look for something with a 'long' toe box. hence why need to get myself to England to find a good running store. anything in London. i've been running for a year now so i don't have experience with these things. my feet had settled with the Pegasus and all was fine but i had a competitive 17km and pushed it and then boom, problem!

27/12/2012 at 11:32
A new Sweatshop has opened on Trump St in London they should be able to point you in the right direction. Then when you find a pair that works for you, stock up on as many pairs as you can afford.
27/12/2012 at 14:40

I once stocked up with some shoes that appeared to be ideal only to discover that the new ones were total rubbish. Nike Luna racers they were.  The first pair were great. The second pair were worn once for a training run and were binned. The third pair sit in a box gathering dust.

Advice to Nike on shoe design. 'You can make the soles of shoes as soft and light as you like but the uppers must have some substance to them.

27/12/2012 at 17:20

thanks millsy. what do you think of the Salomon and Saucony brands?

27/12/2012 at 17:26
I wouldn't get to worried about any particular brands. If they fit you well then that's the ones for you.
Was in a shop today and the Saucony ones all seemed very pricy.
27/12/2012 at 18:14


I have been running for 4 years everyone tells me something different have two toenails that go black all the time. Permanent toe pain.

Bought a cheap pair of  Saucony ones off the shelf in the states on holiday this year without any help and first pair ever not to hurt my toes.

I think that my other ones were too big and my foot must move causing the bruising.

Jaclyn where abouts are you?

Edited: 27/12/2012 at 18:18
28/12/2012 at 08:44

I'm in Gozo, Malta. a tinnnnnyyyy island below Sicily, in the Med. Europe. i had bought a pair of Volmero's in size 40 (as my other Nike's) but were too small and immediately had toe problems. i never ran in my other Nike's since before i used to do aerobics and the movement of the foot isn't the same. that's why i bought size 41's in the nike pegasus. they feel good on my feet but obviously something must be wrong!

28/12/2012 at 18:38
Dark Vader wrote (see)

The point is that running on a treadmill in shop to help select your shoes IS NOT gait analysis...   a lot of running shops describe it as that because it sounds good and its obviously a good thing to help people select their shoes, but actual gait analysis is far more complex...

Interesting, so what would constitute a proper gait analysis?

Anyway, my twopence worth: when I first started running, I went out there with any old pair of trainers and came home every time with some sort of ache (this was before I was doing any kind of distance as well).  So I knocked it on the head for a while and took myself to Nike in Oxford Street where they tested me on a treadmill and recommended stability shoes.  Since then I had no problem for a good year.  I bought some Asics then I picked up a knee niggle.  Turns out that those Asics were actually intended for high arch feet, and weren't in fact proper stability shoes as the guy in Sports Direct said.  Now I do my own research when choosing shoes - staff in Sports shops do not always know their product(!)

So I reckon getting some sort of anaylsis is important so you know you're wearing the right shoes for you.

seren nos    pirate
28/12/2012 at 18:43

staff in running shops tend to know whta they are talking about.......staff in sports direct are just shop assistants...Why on earth would you expect them to know about the difference in running shoes...........its like expecting all the staff in asdas to know the best ways to cook what ever you have chosen....................

if you want specialist advice go to a specialist shop

28/12/2012 at 18:54

In that case, they should've said so and not tried to advise me.

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