Giving up drink

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18/11/2002 at 20:34
And I recently experienced double vision - now that is bad!
18/11/2002 at 20:36
sorry to hijack this thread - but Jon, did you go to a building with two big cats outside it today?
18/11/2002 at 20:37
Urm.... No! Don't think so! Might've been pissed though!
18/11/2002 at 20:43
SST...YC (mouthful!) which building is this? why would go there and are you stalking me?
18/11/2002 at 20:53
SST...YC, what? Is this yoof, street language? Don't geddit son! As for stalking you. Yes, of course I am!
18/11/2002 at 20:54
You're abbreviated name! Why the question?
18/11/2002 at 20:55
And as for the cats building, I was working there today and when I signed the visitors book there was a Jon Your Surname, then I saw a young boy getting into the lift that bore resemblance to cider swigging scouse teenage looking chap I met at Windsor. Right must get on, binoculars to polish, raincoat to sponge down!
18/11/2002 at 20:56
Urm... I was in my usual hideout... The one with Oli Cromwell outside! oh... and of course Ben!
18/11/2002 at 20:57
Re: question just wanted to add it in my log book. I mean sorry, nothing...what question?
18/11/2002 at 20:57
The Building!!!! Which one? Today I have written nothing!
18/11/2002 at 20:58
I know your building well... haven't been there for years of course. Do they have Oli outside, can't say I noticed.
18/11/2002 at 20:59

So you really are stalking me then! Steaking out my work place 'n' all!
18/11/2002 at 21:02
snick and minky sitting in a tree and g

18/11/2002 at 21:02
Who's snick?
18/11/2002 at 21:03
Not me (turns around and whistles)
18/11/2002 at 21:05
LOL! Very good son! And I missed Corrie, with my favourite type of story line (conspiracy theories etc)
18/11/2002 at 21:06
Right must go, bunnies to boil...
18/11/2002 at 21:06
Corrie's rubbish! watch..... PORN!
18/11/2002 at 21:06
Snicks, will we see you on Sunday?
18/11/2002 at 21:06
Only joking mum... Only joking (as son races back to his bedroom to destroy evidence)
21 to 40 of 101 messages
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