Giving up drink

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18/11/2002 at 21:32
Thats ounds sarcy and it wasn't s'posed to..... I'm nice really.
18/11/2002 at 21:34
No you're not! Ha! Still here!
18/11/2002 at 21:35
18/11/2002 at 21:36
18/11/2002 at 21:36
ok not nice.... I confess.
18/11/2002 at 21:36
Sorry Non Drinking Ian!
18/11/2002 at 21:37
Yes mate.. apologies.. Snicks made us do it.
18/11/2002 at 21:38
If that's as scary as you get I wish you were my headmaster - Now that does sound scary. I'm nice too, honest (eh, Jon!)... And now I really must go!
18/11/2002 at 21:39
Me too, gone!
18/11/2002 at 22:46
Just re read. Oh, we all got confused! You said, sarcy, not scary, didn't you Barks. How did the LEA come out well in that article? I'm confused. Did I mention them? Can't remember. Oh, well, sorry you didn't get pay rise etc...

19/11/2002 at 08:50
they like a metion anywhere... basking in reflected glory...
19/11/2002 at 10:17
Day two: still dry. 363 to go.
19/11/2002 at 10:28
I might try to join you again! After this weekend!!!
19/11/2002 at 13:33
Oh no!!!! I'm not even going there. Give up drinking? I'd rather see r*ngers win the league. On second thoughts...
19/11/2002 at 13:38
Good luck Ian
Tried unsuccessfully when training for FLM 2001 although cut back considerably and felt much better. Might give it a go after Xmas again since FLM 2003 is looming

(She says, planning housewarming party for new year.....)
19/11/2002 at 13:40
Ian you can do it. I find it's the first few days that are the hardest especially if you drink a bottle of wine a night like me!!!

Once you're over that you can get satisfaction in sitting watching everybody else making a fool of themselves when pissed.

Makes you feel kinda superior being sober!

Am I really a control freak?
19/11/2002 at 15:29
Hi Ian,

Best of luck mate wiyh your quest and I hope you get to NY.

I had been stopped drinking for 2 years and I felt fantastic and I thought I would just have the one, well here I am back drinking again, I keep giving up every month but only last a few weeks, allthough I dont drink nowhere near as much now as I used to, which is good,
so watch how you go and dont give in.

All the best, Gaz...............

19/11/2002 at 16:41
all the best mate, well done on taking the hardest step, we'll be rooting for you
19/11/2002 at 23:37
Well, I just seen a thread about giving up drink and I thought "why would anyone want to do that"? Then I went back and read the original post. Ian, I take my hat off to you mate. It's an admirable thing to do (not to mention bloody hard - at least it is if you're from the Buckfast republic like me ha, ha).

All the best mate.
19/11/2002 at 23:51
I admire you
Ive done many things in my life, but dont think i could do that
Good luck
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