Go there Girl!

Paula on TV

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09/10/2002 at 20:45
Great! what an inspiration... thanks EP
09/10/2002 at 20:47
Watch the yanks eat her dirt... sorry Hildy!
09/10/2002 at 20:50
If she dosn't get Sports Personality of the Year Award this year - I'll be writing in to complain!! She's fantastic!
09/10/2002 at 20:51
Lets organise a forumite mass voting spree.
09/10/2002 at 20:52
Go on then.... do you think it will work? (will believe anything you say right now Barkles)
09/10/2002 at 20:53
Barkles, that could be your mission - to find out!
09/10/2002 at 20:58
Bound to.
09/10/2002 at 21:01
Good for me as Mr Fox is away to Madrid - so I get to watch what I want!! hee hee
09/10/2002 at 21:02
Oh yes, and then there's the celebratory drinking afterwards, follwoed by slurred recollections of the time I raced Paula... FLM 2002.... I was there... at the back..
09/10/2002 at 21:04
pull up a sandbag....
09/10/2002 at 21:05
09/10/2002 at 21:19
If paula dosn't get sports personality of the year I will dye my hair like a badger............
09/10/2002 at 21:20
Run Paula Run
09/10/2002 at 21:21
Can we hold you to that gaz?
09/10/2002 at 21:22
You can hold me to anything Foxy
09/10/2002 at 21:25
Yes gaz, the dark side will see to it...
09/10/2002 at 21:26
Is it a telephone vote where you just ring a number and then hang up? If so an automated dialler would do the trick, with 30 telephone lines you could get about 11,000 votes per hour.

So who wants to pay the phone bill?
09/10/2002 at 21:28
Help save me from the "Dark Side"
09/10/2002 at 21:36
Boo Hoo why didn't I go when I had the chance.......
Dont want to end up like Barkles.......
09/10/2002 at 21:38
You don't need to be saved Gaz you're not actually in the Darkside at the moment. They've just escaped from their cell for a while
1 to 20 of 31 messages
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