Have you ever done anything really stupid?

If so what?

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21/05/2008 at 10:01

back end of GW2, we were at Basrah Airport, set up, and waiting for flight home.  We decided to have a Football tournament.  There was a large enough exspanse of packed sand to play, so it was on.

Semi Final. all going well, until an Army Bloke pitches up and stops game. 

He asks - Has anyone cleared this area? 

Lots of shrugs and puzzled looks later, no I didn't think so.

games stopped, back to work...........Bahhhhhh.

Then 2 large explosions, as he detonates an unexploded Mortar, and a Mine that were on the fringes, about 50m from where we were playing! 


Or finding an container that had no owner in our compound, opening it and finding a crate of Gaymers Old english!

6 of us drinking 4 tins each, of red hot cider, and getting D-RUNK!  ok until you realise 50 degrees was norm during the day, so Cider was Hot, we had not drunk for 2 months, and it is so hot at night you sweat all night, and normally wake up de-hydrated, so after a skinful of apples - Not good!

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21/05/2008 at 16:38

If we're swapping dits....

In about 1991-92, I was working on a medical ward in the Naval Hospital. One of the submarines had a slight <problem> which resulted in 16 bored submariners being admitted. 1 civvy and a spare bed for "service emergency".

Next morning, we admitted a sprog skimmer

Who wouldn't shut up about his fitness routines, running, circuits etc etc etc.

Until one of the subbies asked if he did weights. When he said yes, and was about to launch into what he could bench press etc, he had about 10 subbies wallets thrown at him with "Ere skimmer, lift THAT" from all directions.

Poor kid didn't know where to look

22/05/2008 at 10:01

I retuurned to the Air Station from a night out, and was a little bit worse for wear.  In those days returning drunk was not the done thing, I could not walk straight, or see straight, i was down to vital functions only.

I was subsequently hauled in front of the top brass, and when asked If i had anything to say - very nearly said "Douglas Barder got legless and you gave him a medal", but descretion etc.

Two weeks later, during Airday, Said top brass walking towards me, asks if I had learnt my lesson, I replied yes Sir.

Good he says, then he says, my watch appears to have stopped, have you the time Apprentice SB.  yes I says "half past three Sir"

Can we have that in Naval Time SB, yes sir says I, half past three M'Hearty, said top brass cracked down the middle, and burst out laughing!

He bought me a beer for that.

22/05/2008 at 12:22

At the dentist having a filling, dentist chatting away to me. She then says, "Suck please". Strange request I thought, so I attempt this with 3 intruments in my mouth.

Dentist suddenly starts laughing. Apparently the dental nurse had the same name as me, and she'd asked her for the instrument to suck up the debris from my filling!

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22/05/2008 at 12:39

I parked my car in a car park, and was watching another driver making a complete mess of doing the same thing.

I was so busy thinking "it's women like that who give women drivers a bad name...."  that I managed to lock my keys in my (old fashioned, no central locking) car.

With the engine still running.

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