Help ease my marathon confusion??

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15/08/2002 at 12:02
i think there's a chance we might run into each other one lunchtime.

my 10k is currently about 50mins

am based near oxford street....

once it gets to january i'm a regular fixture running round the outside of RP until marathon day!!

you doing the FLM this year?
15/08/2002 at 12:05
FT, I'm hoping to do London again if I'm successful through the balot.

Come January if you fancy a running partner at lunchtime let me know.

Jason L
15/08/2002 at 12:07
you're on - see you on sunday
15/08/2002 at 12:07
PS WwR is also FT
15/08/2002 at 13:45
Thing is I wouldn't recognise either of you if I saw you! Cant make out what you look like from the pictures! As for running Regents Park, the outside gets a bit dull - but inside so much going on that you dont notice the miles...see you there soon!
15/08/2002 at 13:55
New Runner, I don't usualy run with a Clanger holding me up..

See you both on Sunday!

15/08/2002 at 13:57
Do any of you know you're numbers yet for Sunday.

I thought you'd pulled something the other day NR
15/08/2002 at 14:04
I'll post my number here tomorrow. I think it's 521, but I'm not sure. Will be in the URWFRC Vest though!
15/08/2002 at 14:06
Have an on-going issue with the "adductor" muscle (much more feminine way of putting groin strain) so will be running...but slow! I'll post number tomorrow as well
15/08/2002 at 14:17
NR Hopefully you're resting up till Sunday

We'll congregate around you then Jason in your vest. You should be the easy to recognise. Is the clanger running as well
15/08/2002 at 14:25
The Clanger may run, but tends to compalin that his feet are tired after about 5 mins.

Don't really fancy carrying him all the way round... ;-)
15/08/2002 at 14:28
yeah, great

checked my number last night and it's 198.

the thing is. that we all swap numbers and then no-one has a bloody clue what they were when you actually turn up at the start, cos we just said "yeah, great" when they were posted......

been there seen the movie

at least this time we have a team vest, a clanger and a knee support to look for !!!
15/08/2002 at 14:30
wait a minute folks - this is becoming a BB thread....

get it on the right forum - "EVENTS"

just had a nice italian meal followed by two pints of kronenburg at the "O'connor don" pub ....that's what i call last minute training
15/08/2002 at 14:33
haven't got a clue how to put up picture.... plus haven't got a good one either from my modelling portfolio
15/08/2002 at 14:52
Fat Turkey not to your taste then.

Click on My Page top left of screen, click on change face, browse to your file and select it. Click on upload and then wait..

Two blue knees by the way. I think I'm unique hence easy to avoid ;-)
16/08/2002 at 02:17
Fat Turkey, Well! It goes something like this....I was aiming for a 3.30 marathon, got to 13 miles, RW pacers behind me, then in front of me, heart rate too high, slowed it down, made 3.42 but enjoyed the whole race..WHAT A CRACKING RUN! Next year will be the 3.30!..If you can't hit your target time, then enjoy, that's my view!

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