CV - I need a template! I know this has been done to death! But please help!

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10/12/2003 at 17:10
10/12/2003 at 17:13
Hiya Wolfy!

Panic ye not. Send me a mail to and I will send you mine for ideas.
10/12/2003 at 17:14
Scrap that! Send it to my work address - I keep a copy here.
10/12/2003 at 17:14

If you have Microsoft Word there are templates included (the Yanks call them resumes).

They are not perfect but it gives you something to start with.
10/12/2003 at 17:16
Helen I see that you are a qualified first aider based at WAR13 ;^0
10/12/2003 at 17:16
Thanks UK you have mail!

Good thinking PM, I haven't done one for 3 years and I've lost my last one!

Cheers guys!
10/12/2003 at 17:17
Don't forget that you need to adjust it depending upon what job you are looking for. So your CV could look completely different to UKaitch26's if you are in different lines of work.

10/12/2003 at 17:21
Good point PM thanks again!
10/12/2003 at 17:21
How perceptive of you, Count.

How the H*ll did you work that out????
10/12/2003 at 17:24
Got secret contacts...St. Johns I believe.

Working for UNITAS @ DTI - FJS led project. got a guy to look you up lol
10/12/2003 at 17:25
Aah! You had me worried for a while there, Count!!

Thought you were turning into Big Brother!
10/12/2003 at 18:33
Wolfy do you still need help? If so drop me a line and I will send my stunning piece of fiction over!

PS Sorry I didn't get to talk to you on Friday it was all completely manic!

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12 messages
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