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11/12/2002 at 17:12
I'm of the bah humbug camp here. I think it started about 20 years ago when i was freshly divorced from hubby no.1 and everyone was in twos and trying to make me join in when all i wanted was to wallow in my misery - there's nothing like being miserable and watching everyone else enjoying themselves when all you want ot do is cry over lost and broken dreams.
Saying that, i have had a couple of really good Christmas's with some Catholic friends who treat Christmas as a holy holiday which is where it originated, or so i'm lead to believe!!
We usually spend it quietly alone, then visit friends on Boxing Day when everyone is recovering from the hangovers and overeating and we can breeze in after an exhilerating run and breathe fresh air into the stuffy households!
Happy Holiday everyone and enjoy the running.
Love DS.xxxx
11/12/2002 at 19:57
You know peeps, most priests seem to hate Christmas! It's something about being at too many school carol services, and facing a church packed with drunk atheists at Midnight Mass.

But.......... I love it! I absolutely and totally love it. I don't care how many little people I have to hear singing 'Once in Royal Davids....', I just love it.

Happy Sassie (Small still full of cold........ aahh!)
11/12/2002 at 22:22
Cath- you can have mine with pleasure-kids that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/12/2002 at 00:26
With regard to Lapland... did anyone see that watchdog programme tonight - there was a big thing about how people paid way too much money to go to one of these lapland-in-england places, and it was, predictably, crap!

p.s. Dangly - Xmas started out as the Roman Saturnalia - a solstice feast of many gluttonous days. Ahhh... Wish I could get to Stonehenge for the Solstice - that would really be getting back to my roots now, wouldn't it?!
12/12/2002 at 00:34
Ilove christmas too but it never lives up to my expectations ...can be a very lonely time too...
WildWill    pirate
12/12/2002 at 00:41
Is a lonely time
12/12/2002 at 01:17
Glad Ill be working
12/12/2002 at 08:16
Benz, you've got Mr Benz??
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
12/12/2002 at 09:29
Glad to see that the true meaning of Chirstmas has not been lost on the masses.

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