I love running


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30/09/2002 at 16:50
As a spectator at the Windsor half yesterday, I felt inspired, and desperate to put running shoes on.

I love almost everything about running. It's easy and cheap to take part, you can do it anywhere.
The fitness benefits are enormous, and its the most efficient way to burn calories.
I love all the gadgets, HRM, SDM etc.
I love the science, sports physiology and medicine.
I love the events, and being part of something big, and being surrounded by like minded people.
I love the sense of acheivement, on completing a race/distance, the feeeling of being in control of your body.

The only thing I don't like about running is........running. It's so Bl@@dy hard! When I'm running I am frequently asking myself why I'm doing it (of course the answer is written above). I am quite new to running, and I hope that one day, I will go out and enjoy the actual run, but it hasn't happened yet!
30/09/2002 at 17:47
........and of course there you have hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head!

Most things in life that are worth having are hard work, take lots of effort and sometimes make you wonder why you bother. BUT unlike so many of those "other" things in life you don't need to be a genius, rich or talented to enjoy running.

.....and that enjoyment is also so hard to classify because its so many things to so many people. Whether its the freedom that comes from pure physical activity, the opportunity to race, or simply the opportunity to get some time and space to yourself there are many, many paths to enjoyment.

.....the bad news is that running never becomes really easy it just gets faster! For me, running a forest trail in autumn mists moving fast and quiet is like no feeling on this earth and worth every second of the effort.

Stick with it and it will happen.
30/09/2002 at 17:56
I love running, and love the looks on the faces of the young guys when I " reel them in " after they have raced past me earlier in the race. LOVELY !!!!!!
30/09/2002 at 18:05
I run because I know that I won't always be able to run.
30/09/2002 at 18:08
I like running because

it gets me fitter than anything else
it's free
it's time efficient
you make new friends
it exercises my dog
you get silly medals with Windsor Castle on

and because sometimes, in between all the pain and the effort, you just run, you are serene, focused, strong and experiencing a wonderful sensation that very few people ever get to feel. There were points at Windsor where I just ran, in step with my neighbours and felt absolutely wonderful (there were also several bad bits but I won't go into those...)

Keep it up Fat girl slim - one day you'll be running and you'll realise that it's taken over, it's not costing you anything in effort - you just can.

(I want to go for a run now I've waxed so lyrical but I think I'll just dive into that big tub of Heroes hubby bought me yesterday to say well done - and restore my carb levels)!!
30/09/2002 at 18:16
Does anyone else get that lovely feeling, when you've been out for a run and just pushed yourself that little bit extra and you feel your muscles just tightening, your chest is tight, and your whole body just feels really good and you think yes, I really enjoyed that.

Is this the runners high, aren't hormones wonderful.
30/09/2002 at 18:50
I think runners high, for me, is when I'm running along and the effort feels minimal yet the speed is there. My body feels light and I'm just flying! Had one of those runs on Saturday.

fat girl slim keep at it, you too will feel this kind of high one day. Enjoy!
30/09/2002 at 19:03
because I can, because I've escaped from prison, because I'm really just flying low, because my legs and me are friends again, and I'm ridiculously proud of this very ordinary achievement, because the mornings are unbearably beautiful, because I am deeply, achingly grateful for having been given a second chance, and because I don't want to miss a step of it.

I shouldn't be here, but here I am because when I can't run, and I can't run all the time, I want to think about it. All the time

See you in Waterbeach, right? Not long now.
30/09/2002 at 19:19
All of the above - it's a simple pleasure but most people don't do it. Wonderful gadgets and cracking people.

Feels sooo much better when I run now, cos it ain't long ago, I thought I'd jogged my last.

Performance is less relevant than attitude.
The perfect sport, I reckon.
30/09/2002 at 19:58
Do golfers, footballers, cricketers, snooker players etc view their sport in a similar way? My guess is not. I wonder what it is about running in particular that brings out these feelings?
30/09/2002 at 20:06
I am so glad to hear fat girl slim say that! I thought I was a bit weird putting myself through running when I often don't enjoy it and have even had blubbing moments during training because I don't know why I'm putting myself through it!

But I've hobbled around today after the windsor half yesterday thinking how nice it was to run along with everyone else. And that's it - I like the races - even though I'm pretty near the back - it's everyone together, with one goal. And the next day, well, you've done something that most other people wouldn't or couldn't do -it's a nice feeling.

My advice is, join a club - run with people - it's much more fun that way and you can have a nice chat as the miles go by :-)
30/09/2002 at 20:33
I love running because, for a short while, it frees me from everything else.

30/09/2002 at 21:12
Well I never thought I'd ever enjoy running - I was only doing it till I saved up some money to join the gym! That was three months ago and I am now totally addicted and get a buzz I never imagined I would. It is so motivating to hear others stories etc. Running even encouraged me to give up smoking, when before I was convinced I was born a smoker!
30/09/2002 at 21:15
I love the 'doing it for me'.
30/09/2002 at 21:20
No one is a born smoker .. ex smoker who gave up the same day I started running for real... that means more than a mile run walk back in April this year, just finished half marathon 3 weeks gone & 26.2 miles on Sunday ... and ever so proud... the saved money will be needed for tights, hat , gloves and high vis jacket for the winter... Keep it up
30/09/2002 at 21:23
Being part of a sport that enables everybody of all levels to come together. It doesn't matter if somebody is faster or slower because when we beat our own PB it is an individual achievement.

Unlike team sports, if you have an off day it only affects you..........so what....try again tomorrow.
30/09/2002 at 21:34
For me - the freedom, not having to comply with someone else's rules, not having to justify myself to anyone, being in complete control, not having to care what anyone else thinks.
30/09/2002 at 22:58
I find it hard ALL the time
But something keeps me going back
Dont think Ill ever get "Runners High" though, too slow
30/09/2002 at 23:16
Can't agree more wih Sythree. I love running alone. Thought time. Just me, concentrating on me. Its the only time I can do this.

And Stickless, great post. Fantastic description of why this sport is so personal and yet so great.


Trogs    pirate
30/09/2002 at 23:37
As I sit here with my foot in a bowl of warm, disinfecant laced water cos I grew the mother of all blisters on the ball of my foot at Windsor and its bl*@%y sore, I'm wondering when I'll next be able to run.

Why do I love running? I'm not sure. I guess it's mostly cos it makes me feel good. I have yet to come back from a run, however well or badly it went, regretting having gone out.
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