I this a sackable offence?

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27/01/2011 at 08:06
Further to my earlier post, Keys has now resigned.
27/01/2011 at 08:37

Shame, a good football man who has been stiched up by dark forces.

The last male bastion of has been breached,will the last man out  turn out the lights

27/01/2011 at 09:11
bm - just to clarify my post yesterday was meant to be in jest, which others clearly recognised.

chimp - spot on with loose women...
Edited: 27/01/2011 at 09:14
27/01/2011 at 10:15

SKY is dumbing down UK media and the sacking of Gray is little more than smoke screen to hide the poor standards of the Murdoch based companies and a deflection to hide the more serious phone hacking crimes.

Murdoch media channels around the world are little more than fluff and have reduced the standard of news reporting to little more than a biased Murdoch based view of the world.

27/01/2011 at 11:41

& so say all of us comrade!!

27/01/2011 at 13:41

Just going back to that clip with Rednapp in it.

At the front end - I'm sure I hear someone say Louise.  They're not talking about Jamie's wife are they?


27/01/2011 at 13:48
M.ouse wrote (see)

At the front end - I'm sure I hear someone say Louise. 

and redknapp was hanging out the back end apparently.

27/01/2011 at 13:50
Cake wrote (see)

Its been surgested that this wasn't has first warning on issues like this AG had.  

the statements at the time seemed to imply he was warned (on Monday?) then sacked on Tuesday for previous incidents.

"The new evidence, relating to an off-air incident that took place in December 2010, came to light after Andy Gray had already been subjected to disciplinary action for his comments of January 22, 2011."

"After issuing a warning yesterday, we have no hesitation in taking this action after becoming aware of new information today."

27/01/2011 at 13:50

ahhhh shite.

I walked into that one.

27/01/2011 at 22:52

Hi Cake

If indeed it wasnt his first offence and he had already been warned then surely he should have sacked on Monday and not given a sham warning.

I'm no great fan of Andy Gray but that's no reason for him to be denied the same employment rights as everyone else. 

I dont believe that video evidence from December 2010 can be treated as new evidence and I'll be surprised if Gray isnt successful in his action for unfair dismissal against Sky.

27/01/2011 at 23:18

Jesus, is anyone watching the sanctimonious f*ck-wits on Question Time, panel and audience included  (Katie Hopkins excepted)???

What sort of smugtwat exam do you have to pass before you're allowed to be in the audience? 

Edwina Currie on discussing the opposite sex "I'm old enough to be their mother, I can say what I like ha ha "

Well, Andy Gray is old enough to be Sian Massey's father, can he say what he likes?

Thought not. 

Hateful programme. If Will Self was made of chocolate, he'd eat himself.

Come back Rodney Marsh, all is forgiven. 

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