If we all lived within our means and said no to debt..

surely it is a good thing

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06/05/2011 at 21:37
STU - wrote (see)
the government is increasingly a puppet of the financial elite, surely. I can only see it being the case. Isn't that the nature of the  free market many  seem to so dearly love? We wouldn't want the state interfering and controlling it would we? -lol

They are all part of the same crowd.

We certainly don't want the state controlling it directly -- then it really is exactly the same people being the government and the financial elite -- the worst possible situation. Better separation of the two is what you need, stop them colluding.

06/05/2011 at 21:43
we do agree on many things Mike except on Capitalism. I personally think Capitalism cannot be green as it demands consuming with scant regard to limited resources. Oil will run out and we are not seriously looking at alternatives. We need a system that doesn't create wants and focusses on human needs instead . Capitalism as it has evolved just doesn't do that I am afraid. I think we can re-socialise as humans can be very clever and do change views (some will fight til the last almost-lol). It maybe a case that we have to change our value system. Culture does take time to change but it can be speeded up once disaster  or certain events strike. Some primitive cultures altered when they saw the first white men -they changed and re-hashed religions to accomodate a what was "supernatural"(to them) . I see a major catstrophe coming about  and "relatively" rapid change. We maybe differ there.
06/05/2011 at 21:50

Mike I wish government would truly represent the needs of those who put 'em into office regardless of the financial elite. We are under the eliute's control. Big banks threaten to pull out of the country if we ask them to pay there fair share of tax. Companies pull out if they are asked to contibute to wider social benefit or simply because they can employ some poor sods for 50p an our and not have to offer them decent working conditions. They have governmen by the balls under this system. I wu;ld like to believe otherwise but honestly do not find enough to convince me.

this is what we have in my opinion-lol (only a couple of minutes) apart from I see capitalism per se not just a form of it as a problem (to me it is inherent )


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