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Running Postie    pirate
24/09/2012 at 18:07

 Cabbey you will be fine, I am sure.

Q I hope your right, I haven't run any furthur than 13 miles recently, but I know I have the aerobic fitness to get me round. I will just treat it as a running tour of the city of Budepest I also see your in my neck of the woods, have a good holibob


26/09/2012 at 21:13
Hello all

Cabbey how's you ankle? Hope things are OK and it was just precaution.

RP bet you'll still fly round!!

Had a great boxing session tonight, but was very when he told me the time he thinks I can do Jersey in!! ..... I will not listen to him...... I will not listen to him...... although it would be nice ...... I will not listen to him.... I will not.....
27/09/2012 at 14:04

Hello all

S'berry - sounds like you are going to be breaking some records

I am slowly getting back into running..most  have managed is 4 miles. Ankle feeling much better but I have lost so much fitness...can't run 4 miles without walking some!

Got my VLM rejection mag today...not going for another charity place having done VLM for the last three years in a row it is time for a change! Bring on Brighton!

27/09/2012 at 16:25

Yeah, you don't need VLM, there's plenty of others to do! I've done London 6 times and even if I wasn't forbidden to run that far now I wouldn't want to do it again. Got in by the ballot twice, 3 times booked a trip from Germany (package deal with hotel, flight, race entry, bus to the start),  and ran once in the Flora team when they were still the sponsors, because the boss's daughter injured herself, my brother worked with her and suggested me as a sub. I didn't say no!

Running Postie    pirate
27/09/2012 at 17:36

I spent the day comiserating people who I was delivering the reject mags to! I am pleased I am away from the maddening crowd........there again marathons are a damn sight cheaper than triathlon! 

30/09/2012 at 08:22

There's an "Autumn Festival" today in our town starting at 11:30, I shall investigate.

01/10/2012 at 07:52
Morning all

How was the autumn festival BI?

Well done on the running MWW.

Well my run didn't happen yesterday woke up feeling bleugh, so thought that rest would be better. I can't get my head around the fact that I'm doing another marathon on Sunday, I must be mad. So it's a gentle week on the exercise front, but the main focus is getting my head back into a positive place
01/10/2012 at 11:00

The fest was a middle ages thing, all the stall holders dressed in costume and straw on the ground. It was small but nice.

Still got that stomach flu going around, I've had a relapse today and OH called me just now to say he's not feeling well either. So now I'm back to being hungry but unable to eat anything without it re-appearing. Sorry to sound like a moaning minnie but this is really becoming tiresome.

Running Postie    pirate
01/10/2012 at 17:54

s'berry snap, I am fighting a cold off but doing the other option, training it out of my system! as yourself, it is time for Budapest mara at the weekend, Minardi is dragging me round.

BI it's horrible stomache flu because you feel ok between bouts of sickness!!

I dod do a 10k race yesterday, it was really windy but manage a sub 49 mins even with a cold, so that will do.

Off to the running club tonight to give them a boot camp circuit training session, I am sooo loking forward to it!

02/10/2012 at 07:29
(()) BI hope you are feeling better soon

RP well done on a speedy 10k especially with a cold. Hope you are feeling better for Sunday. Did the running club survive your boot camp circuit training?

Good luck to you both RP and Min for Budapest

I went for a swim yesterday and am dressed in my running kit for a nice gentle run this morning
Running Postie    pirate
02/10/2012 at 15:57

hi S'berry, they did indeed survive, but I reckon a few of them will be sore tomorrow.

I think I might need the good luck for Sunday and good luck to you too for Sunday!

I will pass the message on to Min

02/10/2012 at 17:14
He he job well done then RP, and despite their moaning, I bet they secretly love it

You'll be grand for Sunday, anyway I'm keeping all the luck cos I'm selfish like that, more like I need it more than you guys Seriously though have a great time both of you

Yes please pass on the message to Min, and a hug too, as it sounded like she needs one.

Did you manage to sweat your cold out? I seem to have a sore throat that comes and goes and a runny nose only when running - don't know what that's all about?
02/10/2012 at 23:15
Hope you are feeling better BI

Well done on the 10k RP, good luck to you and min for Budapest

Good for your marathon s'berry
Running Postie    pirate
03/10/2012 at 20:42

Hi S'berry yes I have managed to stop the cold in it's tracks, thank dog!

Q thank you, I think I might have to pencil in another 10k this year, I think itis time I got a new PB!

06/10/2012 at 14:38

Best of luck for tomorrow to Sberry, Minardi, RP and anyone else racing who I have missed out!  Have fun

06/10/2012 at 15:47
Hi Pegg how are you? How are things going?

Right off to go and find my wellies for tomorrow or maybe a snorkle would be better
06/10/2012 at 18:47
Good luck to our racers this weekend.... Min, Odie, RP and S'berry. Have a fab race one and all x
07/10/2012 at 14:28
Afternoon all - I'm back, finished, showered, changed and sat on the sofa with my feet up

Oh yeah also got new shiny PB 4.15 will do report on Fetch in due course

Hope everyone is having a good weekend
07/10/2012 at 15:47

4:15?!!!  That's an awesome time Sberry, huge congrats to you.  I hope you've got lots of treats coming your way, you deserve them

07/10/2012 at 17:09
Thanks Pegg to be honest I can't actually believe it you never know it might sink in one day along with the Jungfrau-Marathon
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