It's the season for brussels sprouts


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12/12/2012 at 18:44

I'll have mine stir fried please. Or roasted. Lots of them, I'll eat as much as you give me.

But not boiled.


12/12/2012 at 18:51
Yep. Love them

Stir fried with lardons and some creme fraiche
12/12/2012 at 18:56

you people are liars

12/12/2012 at 19:04
Nope. Really do like sprouts, and cabbage and kale
12/12/2012 at 19:04
They are foul!!! Pockets of fart
12/12/2012 at 19:05
I like em. Don't really see what people have again them; they're fairly inoffensive veg aren't they.
12/12/2012 at 19:07

All brassicas are good but sprouts especially so.

Sprouts pan- or stir-fried with strips of smoked bacon, several cloves of garlic and topped at the end with a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream - these are a match made in heaven.

12/12/2012 at 19:10

My local Waitrose is selling red sprouts. Wtf is that about?

12/12/2012 at 19:11
Although muttleys sound delightfully tastier than the norm
12/12/2012 at 19:12

not so long ago people said the same about cabbage

12/12/2012 at 19:40

I really do like brussel sprouts. However, my wife and family do not like that I like Brussel sprouts.


12/12/2012 at 19:41

Brussels sprouts are the Devil's testicles 

12/12/2012 at 19:48

I like sprouts in small doses and certainly not boiled.  I cook them in a similar way to Muttley, or add them to a pasta bake

12/12/2012 at 20:38
Muttley wrote (see)

My local Waitrose is selling red sprouts. Wtf is that about?

They're actually suprisingly sweet (or the ones i've tasted at least). I dont boil them but do like them with bacon.

12/12/2012 at 21:02

We're having a bbq this Christmas but have just been told we still have to have sprouts

12/12/2012 at 23:12
Mmmmm... I love sprouts!
13/12/2012 at 00:57
sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

Brussels sprouts are the Devil's testicles 

Couldn't agree more.

13/12/2012 at 08:16

Yum yum, love sprouts 


13/12/2012 at 08:19

I feel sick at the mere mention of the things.....

13/12/2012 at 08:20

I still have half a bag left over for tonight. And half a bag of spuds. I'm thinking bubble n squeak ...

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