job interview shoes for my big feet

size 10, comfy, veggie

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Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 20:30
Just because i am really, truly, stumped, and the forum is the fount of all knowledge.

I need to find some comfy smart shoes for office jobs.

I have size 10 feet, and they are narrow enough that i can't wear men's shoes, even when i'm not running.
I refuse to wear anything with heels, or uncomfy - i'm quite clumsy enough as it is.
Leather is, of course, out.
Since i'm currently job-hunting, cheap would be good.

Does anyone have any ideas, please?

The only footwear i own is old running shoes & wellies, neither of which seems teriibly appropriate.
01/08/2006 at 20:31
01/08/2006 at 20:40
this lot have a range in sizes up to 10 womens, including some "court shoes" at £21 (slip on with modest heel) towards the bottom of the page
Plum    pirate
01/08/2006 at 20:40
I think you would look good in the cowboy ones DG
Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 21:14
thank you.
unfortunately American shoes are different sizes from uk ones - i'm a US13.
might try the veganline ones - prefer laces 'cos i fall over things less, but if i push the photocopier over it's their fault for making me wear silly things!
01/08/2006 at 21:25
IDG if you have some cash have you spoken to freerangers they will take outlines of your feet and make the shoes to order

give them a call if they have anything you like
01/08/2006 at 21:26

good luck with the jobs Duck!!

01/08/2006 at 21:34

So I guess DM's are out ?
Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 21:36
thank you!

You CAN get vegan DM's, but sadly they don't fit me - too wide :¬(
shame, 'cos at 6th form i'd have loved some.
Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 21:39
freerangers are cool, but i think i'd have to find a job first!
01/08/2006 at 22:54
I still have mine from 6th year at school Duck !! I thought ducks had wide toes??
Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 23:02
unfortunately not, just very long ones!
01/08/2006 at 23:05

I think I have duck feet - narrow heels but wide at the toes because my toes are a bit deformed and bent...despite numerous ops to straighten them when I was wee....they are pretty ugly tbh!

anyway, that's off topic...I have had a few pairs of shoes and boots from and they seem fairly good

hope you find what you need!
Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 23:09
i like my toes, but they do look like i could play the piano with them.
01/08/2006 at 23:10
have you tried?

'tis amazing what feet can do IME
Duck Girl    pirate
01/08/2006 at 23:12
i can't with my fingers, so i think toes may not work.
i am trying to learn the guitar, maybe i could do that with toes.
01/08/2006 at 23:14
maybe! would certainly pass a few hours trying!!

off to bed, good luck with the shoes and interviews!!
02/08/2006 at 12:22
can highly recommend vegetarian shoes (altho don't know how big they go cos i'm rather at the other end of the spectrum)

i have some veggie DM's and they are fabby :o)
02/08/2006 at 12:23
otherwise try high street shops as flat ballet shoe type things are "in" this season i believe and some shops will do non-leather versions

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