Let's moan about the AAA

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19/09/2006 at 13:33
Ha slo sho
I know EXACTLY what you mean about being at the back of races that are packing up
funnily enough-even more reason for me not to wear IPOD, as im too busy worrying about nwhether or not i am going to go the wrong way!!!!

On a more serious note, if the marshals HAVE packed up, then its less safe at road junctions too, so Id prefer to have my hearing completely intact

Mind you-if it drowned out the sodding gremlins------------
19/09/2006 at 13:47
Just read the whole thread...

Come on guys, stop the insults. If runners want to wear mp3s or Garmins it's up to them, unless asked by the organisers who will only do so for a valid reason. Obviously every runner should be aware of their surroundings, especially in a race, and take note of marshalls instructions and other runners around them.

There are plenty of other habits that runners do in a race that can be worse than someone wearing an mp3 e.g. spitting without looking, barging through runners etc.
19/09/2006 at 13:49
You don't want to drown the gremlins - you don't want to get them anywhere near water.
19/09/2006 at 13:50
tee hee id
19/09/2006 at 14:05
I'd say its horses for courses. Competitive serious runners particpating in club standard races obviously shouldn't. I'd say in Fell, trial, or off road races you probably shouldn't on safety grounds (just try overtaking someone on a narrow track and you'll see what I mean).

Anyone who's just tooling along at the rump end of a 10K or half thats traffic free - well where's the harm??

Personally I wouldn't - but I don't see the harm.

As to marshalls - well most of them are volunteers, usually from the organising club. Like referees at amatuer football games they do it for the love of the sport. I'm sure they don't mean to be officious. Maybe, on this occasion, like the rest of us do sometimes, they were having a bad day.

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41 to 45 of 45 messages
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