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05/01/2005 at 18:21
you git,yes thats Casey Jacques
Viking    pirate
05/01/2005 at 18:26
Don't overdo the training FF, mustn't forget to taper! I've been tapering for 4 weeks now!
05/01/2005 at 19:28

"tapering for 4 weeks now"

GUFFAW!!! (tm DrNic)

05/01/2005 at 22:15
I like a good taper me. My record taper was one of 6 months before the Stockport Marathon in 1983 ( I kid you not). The taper for Helsby will be in the region of 18 sleeps.
06/01/2005 at 16:21
Viking    pirate
06/01/2005 at 16:46
Helllloooooooo. Quiet here today, has everyone stayed in bed? And if so, who the hell with?
06/01/2005 at 16:52
06/01/2005 at 19:38

err, I stayed in bed I'm afraid. I was supposed to be marking assignments but I got a nice email from my colleague (whose module I'm marking for) to tell me not to rush the marking and he'd sort it out with the external examiners next week (aww, in't that nice).

So I slept and I didn't sleep with anyone thankyouverymuch! (and I wouldn't either, even if I had chance!)
06/01/2005 at 22:49

So where is everyone then..? All off having lives, it's just not good enough!

Viking    pirate
06/01/2005 at 22:55
I've not got a life, I keep meaning to pick one up in the January sales.

I'm having a quiet night in with a gorgeous 12 year old. Whisky!
07/01/2005 at 00:18

harrumph... well I'm having a quiet bloody year so far and I don't like it one bit I can tell you and not even with any alcyhol either.

07/01/2005 at 12:59

You guys won't believe this. I feel completely bloody miserable. (well, you'll believe THAT) but anyway... I've only got a kidney infection. Spoke to hippo who has ordered me back to the Doc (at 2:15pm yes, appointment already made thankyou)


Nicko. Hdau    pirate
07/01/2005 at 13:04
Ooh nasty...........Try some whisky(medicinal purposes only of course)

Well I was up in the land of cheese over the crissy period and managed to get some miles in along the Goyt valley, lovely place to run I must admit. Loads of sheep sh*t :)
07/01/2005 at 13:08


And can't drink whisky can I - makes me vomit don't it.... you've obviously not been following the flu progress Nicko - tried the whisky then, for medicinal purposes of course

anyhow thanks for cheering me up with your lovely tales of sheep sh!t whilst running (when I can't)

ha ha ha ... made me laugh that did. Get it on yer shoes didja..?
07/01/2005 at 13:09
Oh and


(forgot the winkie!)

Nicko. Hdau    pirate
07/01/2005 at 13:12
Loads of it Cath :) Ran from a place called New mills near Buxton .
Nicko. Hdau    pirate
07/01/2005 at 13:15
Sorry not been online for weeks, im using the library pooter now as an alternative. Half hour at a time is a pain in the ar@e but I get back on .
08/01/2005 at 15:46

Afternoon - where is everyone..??
09/01/2005 at 05:21


I'm up bright and early. Went to bed at 10pm last night... was knackered so up early today. Pity I'm not 100% 'cause would have been ideal time for running. Won't be about much today - got to finish marking these essays for tomorrow.

Hope today's training/racing/sunday shenanigans goes alright.
09/01/2005 at 06:08

Can't believe you're all still in bed!

Haven't you lot got like, training runs to do..? Or races..? Or something..?

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