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Viking    pirate
24/12/2004 at 11:25
I had the dreaded lurgy last week. Gutted to miss out on the beer in Liverpool. Spent the whole weekend in bed, which normally wouldn't be too bad if in good company but not great when feeling like s***e!

Enjoyed the piccies though. Deffo pink!

Maybe you all caught it from this forum, I believe computer viruses can be very contagious!
24/12/2004 at 11:29

Yeah, someone said you was ill Viking. I think was said 'ah what a shame' and then drank a pint (or 6) for you instead

Viking    pirate
24/12/2004 at 11:35
Thanks Cath, much appreciated! It made me feel a whole lot better knowing you lot were getting ratted in Liverpool!
Got loads of sympathy from FF as well who replied "tart"! Charming.
24/12/2004 at 11:38

well, Viking sorry... but in the face of lots of beer and well, at least there were a few moments of commiseration that you missed it

and FF can talk - he didn't LOOK well at all and he's paying the price now anyway (he's got the lurgy too)

24/12/2004 at 11:38

I'm laying a book actually that my new pic isn't approved today. Any takers..?


24/12/2004 at 11:39

as if by magic !!!!!!!!!!

24/12/2004 at 11:41

Actually - if my mother saw what had been done to that pic... she'd have a fit!

24/12/2004 at 12:04
Glad you're feeling better Viking. At least you had the lurgy last weekend rather than this weekend like what I've got now :-(
Viking    pirate
24/12/2004 at 12:16
FF, hope you get better soon. Dr Viking prescribes plenty of hot toddies to help you on your way. Take your prescription to the nearest off license immediately!
24/12/2004 at 12:51

eh, what about me..? I wuz 'ere first!


Seriously, off to brave the last minute crowds to go to chemists...

later gators

24/12/2004 at 17:31


bet all the scouse contingent are pi$$ed by now.

Have a good one folks!


(like to spread my germs around a bit!!)

Viking    pirate
24/12/2004 at 20:32
Hope your all feeling better, have a great Christmas everyone.
25/12/2004 at 12:14

Happpy Christmas everyone!!!!!
26/12/2004 at 11:16
i`m keeping my distance from this fred til you`re all better
Viking    pirate
26/12/2004 at 11:27
A,A,A,A choooooooo!
26/12/2004 at 13:30

26/12/2004 at 13:48
eewwww germans!
26/12/2004 at 13:56

it's all your fault anyway Mr Jakesy - most of us were in your company before hand!
26/12/2004 at 14:10
just cover your mouth when you cough please and tell viking to stop wiping his nose on his sleeve
26/12/2004 at 14:12

Jakesy -- that's asuming I CAN cough properly! (Throat is too sore)

21 to 40 of 43,398 messages
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