London 2012 tickets

Did you apply in hope or expectation

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seren nos    pirate
30/04/2011 at 22:17
equestrian for one son and mens hockey for the other two..................their choices from the list.....................I hope that I get them all or I will be in trouble if Ican't manage to take all three of them to an event
30/04/2011 at 22:48

Tom we have been planning a S American holiday  anyway - was going in a couple of years but will delay it - more time to save. I'm sure the tickets there will be as much - probably IOC has quite an input on price/money raised??
Haven't ruled out going to London if we can pick something up on the resale site. Main problem is accomodation and also trying to shift my work schedule.
Most friends/relatives that we could stay with are away or renting out their houses/rooms.

01/05/2011 at 19:56

why not look at the Paralympics ? - the competitions just as good at the pointy end, tickets not on sale yet though.

I've met + trained with 2 of our Team GB's athletes, so have had my fix already. and yes, I ached for days after. ( or was that for four days after ? ) Tom + Will, good luck for 2012.

TV coverage for me, can't do it all. Might sneak off to the coast for the sailling.

<rant mode on > London's a pain to get to, it's horid.  Public transport is old, dangerous, and overcrowded on a quiet day....( baker street tube station had chicken wire for it's ceiling on the 13th of april 2011 - that isn't a good smoke barrier, isn't fire proof, and meets absolutley no building regs I've seen. ) the only decent station was the canning town/dlr stop. Paddington is a disgrace, and as for Victoria coach station - an HOUR to buy a ticket.... another HOUR to wait for the bus - I hope that London gets its act together before 2012..... or the Country will look a complete shambles. I mean, they didn't even fill in the potholes for the marathon ! why not ? come on London, get your act together ! <rant mode off>

 I'll travel to events, just stuck with the car. The quaint little village in which I dwell doesn't have a train station/tube/airport/river taxi. It does have a road ( 1 in, 1 out ) and a dried up canal going nowhere.

MotoGP isn't bad price wise, much cheaper than F1, and good racing too. easy to get to, easy to leave, simples.

01/05/2011 at 21:29
I think this will the biggest problem during the games - transport.
There have been questions whether it will cope as many Londoners will not
take time off working during the games. Despite the organisers asking workers to
take time off. Transport around some venues will be a nightmare if you take spectators,
tourists plus those working.

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