London marathon - is it possible to cheat ?

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12/05/2015 at 17:06

Runbritain still has her Brighton time up and I noticed that she raced in a local race that I used as a training run last year. She was almost an hour behind me and miles off her "PB" pace

Edited: 12/05/2015 at 17:07
12/05/2015 at 17:18

The club website of "her who can`t be named"' has been updated and currently doesn't include old results. It's a bit mean they haven't awarded her the female club record for the fastest ever half marathon for her second half split though.

Randomly I had a look at the rules on disqualification from the Cologne marathon. They're a bit more hardcore than London (some may say OTT). It would certainly catch out a few London (and other UK marathons) cheats;

  • starting without any bib number or any chip
  • starting with more than one chip
  • starting in the wrong starting block ahead, to be monitored via chronometry!
  • lacking interval times
  • alteration of the bib number such as concealing or deviating the sponsors bar
  • transfer of bib number and/or chip to another person
  • abandoning or shortening the course
  • exceeding the given time limit
  • undershooting the required age
  • carrying along baby buggies, baby joggers etc.
  • carrying along animals
  • carrying along or using other technical devices
  • accompanying on bikes, inline skates etc.
  • taking illegal performance-enhancing substances (doping)
  • violences against DLV and/or IAAF competition rules
cougie    pirate
12/05/2015 at 19:34
I was with them all the way until they said I couldn't run with my chihuahua
12/05/2015 at 19:44
Millsy wrote (see)

Sounds similar to to "her who can`t be named" from the Brighton Marathon. One great performance above all others in a race where you can qualify for a Major.

You suspicious dastard.

There was nothing odd about her having one incredible massive stand out fast time, amongst her 50-60race history. They were all clearly leading up to the big one.

And I'm sure Seren explained the lack of being in any photos or showing up on the chip for that 5-6mile section...

she was too fast for the photographers and technology!

12/05/2015 at 19:52
And here I am still feeling guilty that I may have been given the wrong token at parkrun on Saturday and therefore perhaps gained 5 seconds and one place in the results... But can not confirm my suspicion as I do not have a watch on not do I know the runners who were just before and after me.

I need to man/woman up a bit and take a shortcut next time!
12/05/2015 at 20:14

just cut 1/4 of the distance out. Simples

12/05/2015 at 22:39
;) you should be a coach Mr G. That advice would have me up there with our parkrun record holder!
seren nos    pirate
13/05/2015 at 06:23

The photographic evidence confirmed her chip was working and that her half time was correct...that ruled out all my possible defences for the individual....,

Iam stilll at a loss to see how she ran the second half so fast and smile for the finishing photo

13/05/2015 at 08:09

What got me was the unwavering support of her club's chairman (?) on here despite the damning proof and her record of being unscrupulous (running VLM as a man, complete with beard, and different name on the vest).
I stopped e-mailing asking for clarification after 3 or 4 went unanswered.

13/05/2015 at 08:42
It is worrying when even the officials of the club refuse to do anything about this kind of things, especially with that amount of evidence.

What was great was the chap called Cameron who investigated his own runner and sorted out any issues within a few hours.
seren nos    pirate
13/05/2015 at 08:59

when a club supports a member like this where there was cheating involved......It brings everyone elses results at the club under a shadow.......I wouldnt be happy if it was my club......where there is a cover up.. is there more to it all..

28/05/2015 at 21:24

silly question.. but what do they get out of cheating? is it so they can get accepted into say, a marathon abroad that has a certain qualifying time? .. but then.. when you ran in that ppl would notice how slow you was and realize you had cheated your way in? .. or is it so your running club looks good? .. either way.. id feel terrible.. id rather run around a loop an extra time if i thought i may of missed it.. rather than risk skipping it and feeling id cheated my finish.. the beer would taste so crap afterwards knowing youd cheated for it

28/05/2015 at 21:29

Good question Mr Bojangles.

Your average non runner wouldn't know what's a fast time anyway for a race.

And anyone who knows much about running would instantly smell a rat for the sort of stand out times that draw such interest from threads like this.


A pal told me her colleague at work did London in 2:30 this year.

And came 23rd.

Looked it up.... 3:20.

The difference two number the wrong way round can make!

28/05/2015 at 21:35

haha exactly

28/05/2015 at 21:39

Funny this thread has popped up again, I came face to face with JSW on Monday he was in a race I was watching.  

28/05/2015 at 21:40

A friend at work asked me if I was going to target sub 2 hours for my next marathon!  It's funny how as runners these times are so significant but to most people running a marathon at any speed is an achievement. 

28/05/2015 at 22:18

yep. i'd love a sub 4 hour for my first but completing is what id be happy with (got my mate dave the bus driver waiting at mile 19 to take me to mile 25)

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