Am I over reacting????

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11/06/2008 at 13:52

Ballini - are yes the dis-courteous drivers. I have taken to acknowledging them when I let them threw is as pronounced a way as possible. I'm sure they are just oblivious.

 One guy breezed past locally , no acknowledgement in an 'Well I own the road' expression two days in a row'. I acknowledged him but he wasn't taking the hint. Came across him again three days after that and this time I carried on to see if he would stop.

 Of course he didn't so we came bumper to bumper. He wasn't going to back up, so I thought 'b*ll*k*s. Turned the engine off, got out of the car, locked it and walked off, leaving it in the middle of the road (narrow with two lines of parked cars so you can't get two through). A little petulant but the look on his pace was priceless. He then just backed up to a turn and had to turn around and go the other way.   

I waited around the corner out of sight, didn't want him to think I might be coming back, then went back and drove home.

 Of course it was a judgement call as to whether he was rude or a psycho. I or the car could have been attacked but there you go.

11/06/2008 at 14:09
Wouldn't it be much better to actually say something to these people who annoy you? Otherwise they may never actually know what the problem is!
11/06/2008 at 14:40

good one brooks!!!!

i sometimes say something.  but it has little effect and i dont think these folk will change the way they are.

11/06/2008 at 15:14

Too true Ballini...had a guy cut me up one day...I gave him a piece of my mind. Left my car whilst I did some shopping...when I returned the b......d had spit and gobbed all over the car door handle. Better than a deep scratch I suppose but still a nasty thing to do.

I think some story lines on the TV soaps encourage this seemingly mindless vindictiveness that we see nowadays.


12/06/2008 at 11:54

oh phil that is disgusting.  and one reason why i dont give too much verbal when in my car as it is quite memorable and i wouldnt want something happening to it!! 

i even had some ignorant to$$er last night.  the route i take to and from the gym had some workmen taking up the whole of one lane and there weren't any traffic signals.  so my lane was blocked and i waited and waited patiently but no-one let me out.  on the return journey i falshed a car out and another followed.  both thanked me.  a third came through - no thanks and a as she passed me i looked and waved a thands - nothing.

is it that some folk are just on autopilot and are not taking any notice????

21/01/2009 at 21:56

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