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11/02/2013 at 10:55

I'm all excited today, I have lots of cut up foil to put in the recycling bin on Friday.

I read that you can sharpen pinks using ally foil so I tried it, it didn't work and I ended up with lots of silvery flakes everywhere.

11/02/2013 at 11:21

My pinks are blunter than chopsticks. What a shame it doesn't work.



11/02/2013 at 12:34

I know this makes me seem really dense, but what's a pink?

In other news, apparently the Pope has resigned.  I thought they could only leave that job feet-first.

Lots of years on this planet and I still don't know nuffing about most stuff

11/02/2013 at 12:39
Pinking shears I think. My mum always swore by using foil.
Tommygun2    pirate
11/02/2013 at 12:42

The next question is, What are Pinking Shears.


11/02/2013 at 13:08
They allow you to cut zigzag lines
11/02/2013 at 13:34

Apparently the pope can resign, it just hasn't happened for 600 years.

Pinking sheers are scissors with kind of perforated edges that allow you to cut with a pretty pattern 

I am a fount of useless knowledge today 

11/02/2013 at 13:53

Don't they stop edges fraying?


11/02/2013 at 13:57
In fabric, yes. How do you know that Mr P?
I used to use my mum's to make confetti. She never was best pleased
11/02/2013 at 14:11

Mine are blunt from years of cutting up old Christmas cards. They used to belong to my granny though so probably are antique now. 

11/02/2013 at 15:29


gingerfurball    pirate
11/02/2013 at 15:31

Hey SOLB!!  (hugs)

(sorry I'm doing a wee happy dance long long long term unemployed brother - who's getting married in 15 weeks - has GOT A FULL TIME PERMENANT JOB!! )

gingerfurball    pirate
11/02/2013 at 15:32

... nice spelling!! 

11/02/2013 at 15:34

Wooo hoooo can I do a happy dance with you GFB? that's fabby  

11/02/2013 at 15:37

(((SOLB))) *bounce, bounce, bounce*

(((gfb))) Yay, for your happy news.

11/02/2013 at 15:38

Hey TDS, how're things in Mundaneland? I feel like I've been away forever! 

11/02/2013 at 15:56

Ah Solb, good to see you here again 

Great news for your brother gfb - spelling doesn't matter when you're feeling happy! 

I'm in desperate need of tea.  Anyone care for a cup/mug/bucket?

11/02/2013 at 15:59

It's good to be home small  

11/02/2013 at 16:03
Solb wrote (see)

Hey TDS, how're things in Mundaneland? I feel like I've been away forever! 

I think we've mostly been keeping things on hold until you came back. 

11/02/2013 at 16:04

(((small))) I'd very much like a lovely cuppa please.

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