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11/11/2009 at 00:24
I just had half a piece of bread.

With some butter on.

Because I like bread.

And butter.

But I thought I'd just restrict myself to half a slice.
11/11/2009 at 00:42

JB, you not on the half the calories diet.
Ooh, cheese with a bit of marmite.

11/11/2009 at 07:54
My dog smells of fish.
11/11/2009 at 08:13
What did you do with the other half slice?
11/11/2009 at 08:20
I'm drinking earl grey tea as I do every morning
11/11/2009 at 08:28
And I've just logged on.
11/11/2009 at 08:34
The traffic was quite light this morning. Certainly less cars than yesterday. I'm not sure why that would be the case, but it was.
11/11/2009 at 08:39

fewer cars, SVT, not less.

I am a pedant

And I just sneezed.

11/11/2009 at 08:40
I decided to wear a blue tie today; tomorrow I might wear my purple tie again.
11/11/2009 at 08:54
I'm saving the other half slice for lunch. Although I might not eat it then either. I expect I'll have to throw it away.
11/11/2009 at 08:59

ST - that was borderline interesting. Wash your mouth out with soap and water.

I have a ham sandwich for lunch, which is in our mini-fridge. I think it's the only thing in there at the moment, although someone may put some milk in later.

11/11/2009 at 09:01
I'm going to have a bath now that everyone has left for school
11/11/2009 at 09:01
First coffee of the morning here.  Milk... one sugar.
11/11/2009 at 09:03
It seems quite bright outside even though the clouds are rather grey.
11/11/2009 at 09:12
I've had my bath but don't know  what to wear
Edited: 11/11/2009 at 09:12
11/11/2009 at 09:13
I can hear a strange humming noise.
11/11/2009 at 09:17
I'm sitting here in my dressing gown (but I am not humming!)
11/11/2009 at 09:18
I can also hear a strange humming noise.

It's the fish tank.
11/11/2009 at 09:20
The quarry is loud today - the wind must be coming from the east
11/11/2009 at 09:23
the scrap yard over the road just blew up another petrol tank
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