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20/08/2002 at 09:08
Hi everyone! Im still in the excited, 'tell all & sundry' stage of my post marathon experience and since I recieved advice from several members of this board, re: my training for hte 2002 Helsinki City Marathon, I feel I should broadcast my result here. Hope no-one minds ;)

My debut @ the distance of 26.2 miles...
Clock Time: 3:04:16
Chip (actual) time: 3:04:00
1st half split 1:29:58
2nd half split 1:34:02
Position: 67/5945 (top 1.1%!)
Temp: 80C
Course info:

Great course, if somewhat hillier than I expected, great city, friendly people. Would definitely recomend it. Its being run in September next year so that reduces the temperature problem.
Great experience despite the foul tasting local on-course energy drink, 'Dexal' (read 'urine').
I had to stop for a #2 on course near the end & my legs siezed, breaking my rythm. Also had the pain of holding my bowels together for 20km (due to the unpracticed 3pm start). With lower temperatures & a 10am start I think a sub 3 hour would have been quite attainable (the winner, from Tanzanier only di 2:19:00, so...) so do I run another marthon in 6 weeks (I.e the Abingdon) and go for it, or just wait till next year and relly try & blast my debut time, say on my automatic London/Boston entry? :)

p.s. yippppee!!!
20/08/2002 at 09:25
Well done KK a fantastic time especially in view of the temperatures (I presume you mean 80F - unless of course you ran the first circular route in an oven)

I think you should probably wait until you stop grinning before deciding on your next outing!
Ratbag    pirate
20/08/2002 at 10:15
Just a quick line to add my congratulations.

I guess as you are feeling so good it might be worth taking advantage of your fitness over the distance to go for another in a few weeks. Given the temps in Helsinki, and those likely at Abingdon, I am sure you will crack 3 hrs. (It's a time I can't even dream about!!)

All the best,

20/08/2002 at 10:58
Brilliant result - your high is deserved. See how you re-cuperate before making decisions
20/08/2002 at 16:59
Excellent run, well done! See how you recover before making any dicisions about another marathon so soon.
20/08/2002 at 17:51
Well done mate..
20/08/2002 at 19:36
What a fantastic achievement KorsaKing - seriously well done - gosh we've got some real stars in this forum haven't we - and looks like Drews got some competition....!
20/08/2002 at 21:24
Totally outstanding result KK. Makes my debut marathon time look insignificant. What are you aiming for at FLM then?
20/08/2002 at 22:35
Hopefully sub 3 hours; if all goes v.well around the 2:50 mark (i.e. 10C temp, and no injuries). Having said that, I'm still suffering from this marathon! My quads have never felt pain like it :)

Im spending my spare time looking at ways at reducing this sort of pain though, for the next time. Y'know, weight training, more stretching, cycling, altitude tent ;)(@£4000 cripes!).
Seriously though, I'm penciling up my winter schedule, and I think i'm gonna focus on 10km & XC for a while, whilst trying to build up the number of training sessions to 2-a-days for some days in the week. Then after having built up my shorter distance speed, I'll attack marathon training afresh...
p.s. thanks for the kind messages everyone!
20/08/2002 at 23:39
Must say well done to you, what an incredible marathon debut. You must feel well pleased, and having aching quads is surely only to be expected!
Am in awe of your achievement.
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
21/08/2002 at 09:54
Well done KK I am very impressed, have a great Autumn/Winter training and hope we will see you at London.
21/08/2002 at 09:57
I feel slightly faint again! Zippy or what?

Well done! Most of us could only dream of a time like that!
21/08/2002 at 14:51

You git!! only joking. My debut was 3h 58m and my 2nd and 3rd got progressively worse!!! It took me another 13 marathons and 5 years of chuffin (I'm a yorkie!) hard work to get down to my PB of 3hrs and 3mins (FLM 99).

You've obviously got what it takes, work hard, enjoy your running and you never know you could get down to the magic 2hrs 45mins qualification standard for the AAA championships, you'll then get your own Elite corner of Blackheath. Probably got quilted loo roll......

Well done mate.
Trogs    pirate
22/08/2002 at 00:22
Excellent result KK - and with a s#2t stop en route!

FLM this year was my first marathon and I didn't expect to be able to move for days afterwards but hardly suffered at all, except for going up/down stairs. I put it down to having a leg massage immediately after finishing, courtesy of the charity I ran for.

22/08/2002 at 07:34
Congrats Korsa, am so impressed that I made my long suffering family read your post.
22/08/2002 at 15:22
Just my congrats KK , top time and I'll wish you all the best for breaking 3hours.

22/08/2002 at 22:38

that is blindin' mate, absolutely blindin'.

Good job, see you in April.


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