My first ever post from work!

A bit cheeky!

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15/05/2003 at 20:28
what do you think smitch?
15/05/2003 at 20:29
Oh dear, that's put me on the spot. Well, if you are, good for you, and we can both watch out for more forum talent (male), and if you are not, then hoorah!!
15/05/2003 at 20:30
ha ha. would it surprise you if i said i was? <enjoying watching smitch squirm ever-so-slightly>
15/05/2003 at 20:33
well, to be honest, having only ever spoken to you very briefly once, I can't say.

In fact, I think I only said "oh hello, so you're Scooter Boy! You don't look like your picture" to you at the last social!
15/05/2003 at 20:34
(I think I might have said this to everyone I met, including Fruity Reindeer. Think the beer had obviously kicked in by then)
15/05/2003 at 20:35
lol - no, its a kind of long story. i've become Dr Nic's gay friend.... but i'm not gay - in fact i'm her non-gay gay friend. I might change my name back now (it was part of the forum earlier)...
15/05/2003 at 20:36
oooh. God, good job I didn't just continue and say "oh and I thought you were very good looking...etc"
15/05/2003 at 20:36
15/05/2003 at 20:37
tee heee - back to my old self now
15/05/2003 at 20:38
15/05/2003 at 20:39
Right. Now we've got that sorted, I am off to have a shower.

Bye heterosexual SB!
15/05/2003 at 20:39
right - off to watch friends now
15/05/2003 at 20:40
bye then
15/05/2003 at 20:40
15/05/2003 at 21:03
Fancy seeing you two in here chatting, hmmmmmmmmmmm. :)
15/05/2003 at 21:10
15/05/2003 at 21:46
What's this about you being loved up?

Oh Caz! Oh lost!


15/05/2003 at 21:47
Evening BB!

Yep loved up! :)

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21 to 38 of 38 messages
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