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Ratbag    pirate
09/09/2002 at 16:23
Hild and Tim,

I think the plural of firum should be fori. It doesn't look right somehow but that's all I can think it can be.

BTW Hild. I think Paulam is the accusative of Paula. As a name, I think it is a regular noun like mensa (table).


Nom. Paula
Voc. Paula
Acc. Paulam
Gen. Paulae
Dat. Paulae
Abl. Paula

Please don't ask when they should be applied as I've forgotten most of what I ever learnt.

BTW Hild if you really want some Latin translating let me know as I work with a linguistic genius who PROBABLY knows Latin much better than I do along with all the other languages he seems to undersatnd.

All the best,

09/09/2002 at 17:15

I checked the Latin, and it seems that fori is the plural form. I wasn't so sure, so didn't want to post it, but since you did, so can I. As for the translation, after asking the two people in the world who have worked on this thing in my field, I contacted this American woman who wrote her MA thesis on it, and included a translation. Hopefully, I have persuaded her to send me a copy electronically. if not, I'll have to order up her thesis and simply copy it all on to my computer.

So, hopefully I'm set.
09/09/2002 at 17:22

what is it you're actually working on? It sounds extremely obscure and esoteric.
09/09/2002 at 17:37
erm - sorry to butt in here, chaps, but forum is neuter and so the plural is fora, not fori. There is an archaic form forus of which the plural would be fori, but that's another matter.
09/09/2002 at 18:36
Slowboy - my thesis is so obscure that sometimes, I'm not even sure that it exists! But the short description is: a theoretically feminist study of the positive representation of female speech in Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse religious prose.

I'm in my third year, and will die if I don't finish my next summer.
09/09/2002 at 23:02
Do you get the feeling that when push comes to shove there isn't a question that at least one forumite can't answer. Is it me but or are the tangents and curve balls getting more and more pronounced.

I blame......all of you. Keep up the good work. Just so I don't feel completely left out any of you speak binary rather than latin?
12/09/2002 at 04:59
Well I don't speak binary or latin but I'll tell you one thing I've decided you're all mad. You are, the lot of you.... crackers.

*nods head*

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41 to 47 of 47 messages
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