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02/08/2002 at 20:18
Laura, you're a bit blurry but look great. Well done on letting RB get his mits on your pic (only joking RB). Hilly, take it that shot's not after a race - is it a wedding?
02/08/2002 at 20:47
I was feeling the pressure but thank God it came out so dark and blurry. Where's yours anyway?

Another productive afternoon in front of the computer...
03/08/2002 at 14:06
Fraggle, tell me more about this Rivermead thingy
03/08/2002 at 15:19
Snicks, that's me on a normal day. In fact it was taken after I'd been running, but obviously showered and changed. If it was a little clearer you would most probably still see the running glow in my face.
03/08/2002 at 16:10
New picture after Portland 10 race. I like playing with this picture business. How do you put several on to rotate-anyone know?
iron fraggle    pirate
03/08/2002 at 18:53
BK - it's unfortunately called the L-plate runners(!), on at either Thursdaya at 8pm or Sundays at 9am, one of the gym coaches thinks it'll be a mixture of speed and endurance sessions, but other than that your guess is as good as mine! I'm going to sign up for it, as I might meet potential training partners (ideal for over the winter motivation), and it'll mean I get out at least once a week!
Phone Rivermead and ask for details

03/08/2002 at 22:51
Thanks fraggle, I'll drop in and see what they're doing. I used to be a member at Rivermead but its too busy in the gym and with too much posing lycra. Oldies like me are shot at the door

Hilly, the swapping pictures is done using an Adobe package most of us won't have heard of. Suffice to say its for RW staff only or techy types. See another thread somewhere for more details
04/08/2002 at 07:36
I asked the same question about rotating pictures and this was the reply!

"Well SimonF, I've already done my 'It's because I move in mysterious ways' routine elsewhere so this will have to be the proper answer.

Basically you need Adobe ImageReady, an application that lets you combine different images as one and then save it in a single gif format.

Unfortunately this increases the file size and therefore doesn't let you upload to the site as it breaks the 15K size limit. However if you keep to two images then you can keep below 15k.

How did I do it?

Well it's not what you know, it's who you know. Call it a perk of the job seeing as I don't get the same sort of pay rises that Rob Spedding does."

You can also get animations to work as well if you're really clever!
04/08/2002 at 08:09
Any offers to resize me. I am dying to put a photo of my chest in my profile.
04/08/2002 at 08:10
PS Its a male chest I'm afraid.
04/08/2002 at 19:09
that sounds far too complicated, I think I'll stick to just changing the picture occasionally!

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